Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amour, the Most Romantic Word in the World

When you're deeply in love with your partner, what love call you most want to have from your partner? What is the "darling", "Honey", or "Amour"?
According to a survey conducted by a group of linguists, "amour" (love) which is the French language is the most romantic words in the history of human language. List of words is not only romantic, which is the native language, but also an artificial language such as "qaparha" (I love you) which is the language of the Klingon race in the series Star Trek.

Although the French "champion" by placing "amour" in the first position, the Italian became "major champion" because of their language considered as the most romantic. The word from the spaghetti country is ranked second and third with "amore" (love) and "bellissima" (beautiful women).

Actually, many words from French, Italian, and Spanish are similar to each other. This is due to three members of the family of Romance languages. Amour sounds like amore, while bellissima also exist in Spanish. Thus, this assessment is considered a bit biased. Moreover, is it true that no word in another language which is considered quite romantic?

The Americans, for example, have many ways to make a call affection. From honey, baby, darling, sweety, sugar, and so forth. What if you heard Elizabeth Hurley or Kate Winslet convey her affection with the English accent? Sexy too, right?
Oh yeah, what about the "oel ngati kameie. yawne Nga lu Oer" (I see you. I love you) in the language of the tribe Na'vi?

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