Friday, April 8, 2011

6 Bilionaire Natures

Besides having a similarity in terms of wealth stored in the bank, the billionaire also has another similarity, namely the way they think. Here are some of the same characteristics they have in common. You also can apply these properties to achieve your own life.

1. An independent mind
How millionaires think tend to be different than the average person. They thought of everything. Most of us think how to get into the same line, even spending money and extra effort to be inline with other people. For example, in the selection of access to education, should be at certain universities, must work under the reputable companies, and so forth. However, not with the millionaires. They are creating their own new paths.
Mind impact on the action, people who want to be rich in treasure should think about how to achieve these goals. Independent thinking does not mean they do the opposite of what was done by others. However, they tend to have the courage to follow what is important for their own. In essence, how to build your own path, and let it successfully guide you to financial independence. Let money comes to you, so you are not enslaved by money.

2. Vision
Generally, the millionaires are creative people with a positive attitude. In other words, rich people do not just have big dreams, they also believe that dreams will come true. That way, for those who seek wealth, you should set goals and do not fear the region that has not been touched.
Bill Gates, one of the richest man in the world, do this. This Microsoft Chairman is one entrepreneur who brought the computer to the presence of an individual and make it a mass. Gates entered the computer world in 1975 and held tightly in the field. He then created a Microsoft Windows in 1985. When the consumer brings computer to home, Gates began to reap the benefits forever.

3. Expertise
Generally, the billionaire uses its strongest ability to start their businesses. They will concentrate their expertise. Then they will recruit people who are able to fill their shortages. If you do not already know your strengths, make a sort of a poll among the closest people to find out. Then tighten the your strength with courses or specialized training.

4. Passion
Warren Buffett, investment expert, said that "Money is the product of something I do." Enjoying your work gives you a discipline to work hard every day. Finding a dream job like it takes time and process. Many new millionaires even find their passion at the age of 45 years, average age 54 years. There is a book which says that at least the millionaires are experiencing an average failure of at least 17 times before they actually succeed. So, if you plan to become a millionaire, stop doing things you do not like, start building the business from what you love. If you have not found what you like to do, keep looking until you find it.

5. Investment
The billionaire dare to sacrifice their time and money to achieve goals. They dare to take new risks for achieving something better in the future. Investing can be included in finances or build a business. This is a step forward to create an income. Start investing now.

6. Persuasive
If you already have a product or business that can be developed, it is time to present it in front of others. A good seller (salesman) very happy to get criticism or rebuttal. In other words, they would not accept the answer "no." The billionaire also has good social skills. In fact, in book entitled Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T Harv Eker found that their ability to socialize is higher than the IQ of most millionaires. For instance Donald Trump, his wealth continued to fluctuate, but his ability to "sell himself" through television and other always making him a famous millionaire.

Ability to communicate with others is very important to peddle your ideas. As someone who will sell the idea, honesty was important. If you want to become a millionaire, be honest and develop your social skills.

Becoming a millionaire is not something that can be achieved overnight. In fact, many millionaires build a "kingdom" of their annual time (even several generations). They built it by making bold decisions, using their expertise as possible, and continue to pursue their vision. Wealth of the millionaires is not something that distinguishes them from most of us, but how and how they achieve the wealth that's what makes them different from most people.

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