Saturday, April 2, 2011

7 Characteristics of Successful People

The purpose of life and the meaning of success is not the same for everyone. However, certainly we all have dreams to achieve in life. What is the characteristics of successful people who achieve their goals in life?

Happiness and optimism

There are some who believe that money can bring happiness. When you're living comfortably, more money will not buy more happiness. Just the opposite, happiness leads to the arrival of money and success, so does with optimism. Second it helps you to solve problems, discover ideas, and take the consequences into consideration, and back again when you pass it for the first time.

Those who managed to escape from a bad financial situation and made it back self surely have a strong resistance. If there are adverse events, eg termination of employment, family conditions, or whatever that influence your financial, do not deny and turn a blind eye. However, it can help you to focus and help you to believe that you have power to change the situation. Endurance  is not something handed down through the genes, but rather must be learned.

The habit of frugality
Yes, we can see some billionaire, or those who have wealth have the expensive stuff and happy to spend money. However, not everyone like them, you know. Indeed there are some people who just love saving money.


In his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert T Kiyosaki emphasizes that money work for you and do not let you work hard for money. Of course, for those who want to ensure remain financially secure, they need to make sure to keep investing their money wisely.

Passion is the key element that drives a person from financial distress to financial success. Those who succeed usually do have passion in what they do. They know what drives them to work and achieve the things they want to reach. Not everyone was lucky to work in the field they love. However, there are times when we must learn to love our work.

Over the years, our brains create some pattern to digest information, for example, if a thing happens, then there will be subsequent events that followed. That's a kind of intuition in us. Therefore, the more experience, though not a very good ones, could be our experience and lessons, and help us create this intuition.

Ever heard of karma? Yes, those who do good will reap good, and vice versa. No wonder, for those who already achieved success, they love to share what they have to those in need. Remember Oprah who enjoy making other people happy by helping them? When you feel bored with the job, try to look at the job as a gift for you, and think about what your life if you do not have a job.

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