Saturday, April 23, 2011

Same as Foreplay, Afterplay is Also Important

Like the dinner, make love is not complete if not closed with a dessert or what's called afterplay. Although only a touch, grope, and embrace, this activity can strengthen your emotional relationship and your partner. Bonus, multiple orgasms, you know.

Often missed
Understanding from afterplay is an activity that be done after your and your partner achieve orgasm. That means, if only you or your partner who had an orgasm, this activity is not "legitimate".

Not only you, your partner also need afterplay. The reason, as well as desserts are useful to neutralize the various "sharp" flavors from main menu, afterplay role was to neutralize the chemical changes that occur in the body after sexual activity.

Unfortunately, afterplay often missed, especially in men. After reaching orgasm, they more often go to sleep, smoking, or out of the room. Why? Most men claimed feel tired and habits .

What difference does it make to you? Why you can survive for menu covers, while the spouse is difficult? This explanation. Like water, women are very slowly to the boil and long to be cool. In contrast, men often likened to fire, quick burn and quick calm too. So, that's why women need a longer relaxation time after sex than men.

Hugs to grope
Many activities can be done in afterplay, ranging from light arms, gently kissing, touching each other, massaging each other, until the shower together. According to psychologist and sex therapist, Joel D Block, Ph.D., in his book Secrets of Better Sex, the most frequent activities performed during afterplay is hugged and chatted.

According to Joel, praising each other and express love also can double the pleasure of lovemaking. Greeting I love you when you hugged and kissed his arm could make him float.

There are several reasons why this session should not be missed. One is preserve closeness emotional between you and your partner. In addition, satisfaction need for long-term relationship. When you and your partner feel satisfied, comfortable, and bound to one another, you and your partner will be easier through the relationship. Communication was running smoothly.  "Plus, your body and your partner will be more relaxed," said Joel.
 In contrast, satisfaction gained from an orgasm is just a moment.  In other words, if only satisfaction you searched, even with masturbation you can get it.

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