Thursday, April 21, 2011

Falling In Love Too Fast?

Each person have their own time to decide on falling in love becomes a choice to love. But that choice is also often characterized by euphoria feelings and then terminated the relationship as fast as lightning. As a result we feel wronged and cried for weeks because of regretting decision that has been taken.
But actually there are ways to measure whether we fall in love too fast so that the process of defining love to be in a hurry. And the way is:

Recognize the difference between falling in love with awe

Lynn Harris, who wrote a book advisory relationship He Loved Me, He Loves Me Not, fall in love and admire in a person only separated by a thin line. In fact, not infrequently both come together.

That's why we need to ask ourselves, whether we are very comfortable to be on his side? "Not just comfortable, but also free to be yourself and give the same freedom in your potential new love," said Harris.

Because a relationship will always have plus and minus from both sides, then we need to consider how is ready we are and accept potential mate.

Observe the speed introductions that we use

Actually we are the most understand for how long it takes to get to know the opposite sex and then followed with decision. If it feels too fast, do not hesitate to tell prospective partner. "Just say that we need to know him better, and just slow down," Haris suggested.

Beware impulsive reaction
No we know, when approached by a man, usually we will contact him as often as possible. In one day there could be more than 5 phone call from us and still send only a short SMS just to ask, "have you eat?"

According to Harris, phone and SMS that too often in one day could be interpreted wrong by the "target" ."Just slow your speed, and enjoy the moment where you really can tell a lot just by one phone call."
When the response from prospective partner already look positive, you can increase intensity of attention by phone and SMS. "Even when you are officially going out, all that can express more freely."

Do not be too often talk about future

If you have not officially going out with him, talks about forming a family is not quite fit the topic. Especially if you are too used to go fishing topic. "This will impress thay you just want to officially holds the status in a relationship," said Laurie Puhn, JD, author of Instant Persuasion: How to Change Your Words to Change Your Life.

If too often discuss this topic, the pattern of interaction will only focus on our desires, not on the interaction between you and your potential partner. That's why Puhn suggested that we go to places that can show our solidarity with the quality of potential mates. "Focus on the interaction of both of you," he said.

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