Monday, April 18, 2011

Steps Overcoming "Job Burnout"

At first you feel like working at your current workplace. However, for some reason, over time more and more work, you too hard to move freely. According to Donna Turner, EXPERT human resource practitioners, may be it is a condition called job burnout, ie, physical fatigue, emotional exhaustion, decreased motivation, as a result of prolonged stress or frustration that one feels.

Several alternative solutions that can be done, among others:

1. Career counseling and career planning
If indeed you still enjoyed the work, you should do career counseling. Reevaluate what your job goal. Assess whether it has been achieved, or had exceeded the target, or it is still far away.

Discuss your career planning with a supervisor. Tired and bored may subside once you get a picture of the future career direction. Consider the possibility of mutation to another part, that more need your capabilities, so it would make a new challenge. Saturation can also be caused if you already overqualified in this current position.

Do you need to learn new skills and knowledge? You can also volunteered to be included in the workshop / seminar / training relevant to what you need.

2. Manage your time more effectively
a. Reevaluate how the use of your time.
Record detail activity 24 hours for 7 consecutive days. Discover the little habits that tend to waste time. Find any activities that can be implemented wisely. For example: instead of focusing work disrupted by spontaneous reply to incoming e-mails, set aside a special time in 1 day to reply e-mail regularly.

b. Focus on the main work goals, limit the temptation
Block your time a few hours in the day to specialize in meaningful tasks / major project. Remove the temptation to do activities that do not add value to the purpose of work / life. For example: browsing online shopping, do personal chat, and so forth.

c. Take advantage of time management tools
Use the program / software is best suited to help you manage activities (Outlook and some like that) and helps record / remind the important event which will take place.

d. Make sure your working system is always efficient and effective
Organize files in a computer system are more efficient for time in the track. Apply how to set-up system files and data handling efficiency.

e. "How" determines the priority activities
Of the 10 tasks given in 1 day, prioritize where the most important cultivated, at least according to the primary purpose of your work. For this type of task that you  usually perfect completed, it's time to delegate to junior colleagues under your supervision.

3. Communicate with your supervisor
When you're overloaded, but still burdened with new projects, say your decline to your supervisor. Convey your alternative solution to the giver project / supervisor. Suggest boss hire outsourcing / freelance / part-time to HR for handling the work.

4. Healthy lifestyle
To get physical vitality and enthusiasm to wotk, follow fit and healthy lifestyle. Start to exercise again based on your physical condition, after consultation with experts.

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