Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 Celebrity Ways to Overcome “Ended Love”

When we have a lover, many people immediately stop all its activities, and rarely met with female friends anymore. It's as if, living only for the him alone. In fact, when broken up, imagine how sad you are. No friends, no activities, eventually shut yourself alone in the room.
Then, imitate these celebrities. They have plenty of ways to restore sadness after a breakup. What can be done alone, there are also performed with friends. You can just select the appropriate condition.

1. Shopping
Shopping may be the easiest and fastest way to precipitate stress for a while. You can do it with friends, or alone. As did Paris Hilton just over a month after breaking up from her boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt. This woman chose to celebrate the bachelor status for shopping with her sister, Nicky, at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills.

2. Go to Salon
They've dropped out and tried to reconnect their relationship. However, after breaking away from the New Orleans Saints football player, Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian traveling alone to a salon in Beverly Hills. Three days after announcing his farewell, she was indulging in a mani-pedi service.

3. Sports
Beside salon, exercise also causes the body to be fresh and relaxed. Became more restful sleep, no longer haunted by thoughts about the former. This is also done by  Kim Kardashian, who exhibited his aerobic movements while promoting aerobic DVD, Fit in Your Jeans, July.

4. Playing with pet dog
When you're sad or have a problem, women would want to vent it out. Who can listen to all your grumble without the need to provide a solution, unless other male friends and pet dogs? That is what Jessica Simpson, after the end of the Dallas Cowboys player Tony Romo. She invited a friend who is also her hair stylist, Ken Paves, walking in the streets, carrying her dog.

5. Hangout with sister
That's what's sister.She would be willing to accompany you whenever you need it. So, when Ken Paves was busy serving his customers, Jessica Simpson relies on her younger sister, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. She tried to forget the bitter parting of Tony Romo with a late dinner at Katsuya restaurant in Los Angeles.

6. Busied yourself with jobs
To divert attention from a former boyfriend, Trace Cyrus, Demi Lovato busied herself in work. Disney Channel star was attending the promotional event second album, Here We Go Again in Orlando. The presence of fans immediately made her laughing.

7. Conducting activities that rush adrenaline
Who can treat broken except loyal female friends? After parting from her boyfriend of a model, Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus trying to do something new. When she was shooting her film, The Last Song, Miley looks fun to play jetski with girlfriends. Wew…, at the location of this movie, Miley also met her new boyfriend who now you know, Liam Hermsworth.

8. Attract new lover

Instead of gloomy because of separation from her husband, it's better to find a new lover of the younger, more handsome, and more sexy! That is Kate Winslet's decision, which directly stick with British model Louise Dowler, just five months after separating from her husband, Sam Mendes. Louis is a model of Burberry, Paul Smith, Paco Rabanne who like surfing and very down to earth. She even asked him to move to Chicago, to accompany her filming her new movie, Contagion.

9. Back to old friends
Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo had a relationship for four years. However, on the sidelines of a four-year period, they had parted a few months. That's when she was alone, Vannessa try pasting again relationship with his old friends. Includes lunch with a male friend at the Aroma Cafe in Studio City, California.

10. Road again with his former
For some, the separation is actually regarded as a moment to ponder on the relationship that is being undertaken. If you managed to overcome all the problems, of course no problem if you need to be friends again with the former. Paris Hilton was trying to repair its relationship with Doug Reinhardt with a holiday to Fiji.

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