Friday, April 22, 2011

10 Ways to "Heat" Self-for Sex

Do not like men who are more easily aroused and "lit" while viewing visual stimuli or touch, women need time to passionate lovemaking. What are the things that can help women "self heating" before starting the intimate session with husband? These include the following:

Finish task.
"Research shows, unlike men, women needs relaxation before starting to feel aroused and orgasm. Relaxation and calm can only be felt when part of stress is off during sex," says Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist and founder Therefore, complete your tasks to create a stress free mental conducive to lovemaking.

To the "gym"
"Besides feeling more energetic after a sweaty session, you also will feel a boost of endorphins, which make you feel more eager to make love," said Dennis Lin, MD, Director of Psychosexual Medicine Program at Beth Israel Medical Center, New York. Exercising with a partner is also a good way to insert a time with him. Plus, because when you exercise your clothes are usually pretty minimal, it is time that allows you to watch her body and her groove muscle. Not so long, you will begin to want to close with her and admiring her nail.

Noting the he became "father"
According to Kerner, most women never feel attracted and stimulated to have sex against her husband after seeing her husband spend time with her children while playing or taking care of the child. This is quite reasonable from an evolutionary perspective. Know that the husband is a good father will validate and stimulate the reproductive urge.

Talk to strangers
Stacey Nelkin, a relationship expert and founder revealed, a little jealousy can be an aphrodisiac if used in proper doses. Try to go to an event that is quite crowded and people are dressed up with a neat appearance. You may see the he spoke with another woman, and you do the same thing. Of course, since the beginning talking about how far the limits to talk with the opposite sex, let alone interesting. After seeing him with someone else, you may feel a little jealous and this will make you more and want to "own" the whole, including in bed.

Hug Tight
According to the study, when you embrace your partner more than 30 seconds, women in particular will produce oxytocin, a hormone that facilitates a sense of trust and sexual connection and passion. When hugging, close by your nose into his neck, let you inhaled the scent. If you like the his natural scent, very soon you will begin to feel like intimate with the him.

Apply rules
Try to make rules for the area should not be touched under his belt during the first 20-30 minutes when you start foreplay. This makes you focus more on touch and kiss because nowadays most people in a hurry to arrive at the "main menu." Longer enjoy kissing and touching before the main session will create a sort of "novelty" and this will produce dopamine, the neurotransmitter that plays a role in sexual stimulation.

Exchanging fantasy
According to Kerner, the brain is our largest sexual organ. You can not just rely on physical stimulation in sex, you also need to gain the mental strength. So, share your fantasy and passion with the husband will help a lot. Shame? Try to start the story by saying that you ever dreamed about sexual positions or be touched in some way.

Try 10 minutes
Although you're not in the mood, give it a chance 10 minutes. According to Kerner, most people who feel bored going to have sex do not have a problem with sex, in the sense they want to have sex, but do not have a chance. Try to do it and let your body get used to and begin to naturally excited.

It is common to get stuck in the same thing over and over again in sex. Try to do different things. "We are visual creatures. So, buying different items, such as new lingerie or a new haircut, will create a fresh newness," said Nelkin. Only one change will inspire developments in the room, such as changing the position or share a fantasy.

Pleasing yourself
Most people think that masturbation while already in a relationship, it means cheating or partner is not good enough in satisfying sexual desires. This is not true. In the right content, masturbation is a healthy sexual release and this could help "warm up" mood before sex session.

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