Friday, April 8, 2011

Womans Habits After Break Up

You feel the world collapsed after the he decided to break up with you?. Confusion, unable to accept the situation until it turned into anger are the things that most often occured. What would you or your female friends to do when things like this happen?

Glamour magazine had conducted a survey and found some custom made by the women in America to her ex-partner. These are some of it:

1. Online via Observation
Currently, online is the sort of one's book  diary and the latest activities of each person. You can know someone through the social networking activity accounts. As many as 88 percent of women seeking ex activity via  Internet. As many as 19 percent of them even acknowledged this activity is a kind of obsessive action.

2. Remember  the intimate times
Approximately 44 percent of women who got broken off, admitted that she still remember intimate activities with the former.

3. Become Friends
As many as 64 percent of American women who followed the survey said that they got friends with her ex. About 46 percent are friends through Facebook.

4. Often the wrong call name
About 15 percent of women are often either call a girlfriend or her new spouse by the name of the former, as much as 2 percent of them even called it while having sex in bed.

5. Be careful wrong dial
As many as 35 percent of those surveyed Glamour said they still had the ex phone number on their mobile phone. Be careful wrong dial, dear…..

6. There is still a feeling
While 32 percent of women remaining, admitted that they still have strong feelings against the man who once spent her days.

What about you? What do you do after a breakup?

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