Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Signs of Men Fall In Love

Measuring how much he's love is tricky. Could be he was very in love even in front of you the he was super cool. But, it could be false even though he sends flowers every day as a symbol of love. There is an easy way to detect that he loves you. No need to ask, just look at his attitude to you.

* Missing your presence
The expression of missing you is one proof that your presence is so meaningful for him. But, every man has a different way. If he never said "I miss you ", do not immediately assume that he did not miss. Small things like greeting lightweight, phone, say hello, or ask to meet, also included in the expression of missing.

* Care and want to know
Curiosity of your condition is a sign that he wants to be part of your life. Worrying if no one gets the news is proof that he cares.

* Jealousy
Many say that jealousy is a sign of love. Yes, this is no doubt. These feelings arise when he was afraid of losing your attention. So, be happy when you saw he is jealous, but soon solve the problem. If not, he  might lose confidence or even become possessive.

* Compromise
Do not hesitate to seek a way out for any problems that occur in your relationship with him. This indicates that he was quite appreciate your opinion or desire for not always put his ego.

* Ask for forgiveness and forgiving
Apologizing as he did wrong or to forgive after you hurt him is a proof that he did not want any problems in your relationship. Forgiveness is also a form of genuine sacrifice.

* Good Motivator
Being great love can be seen from how much the couple wanted to see you happy, one with positive support. When office work piling up or you're in troubled, he did not hesitate to give spirit and support.

* Give praise
Gratitude for your concern, sacrifice, or your love is a form of appreciation. Maintain all forms of giving well, including trust, prove his love for a pretty high level.

* Thinking of you step forward together
This a form of assurance he want to get serious relationship with you, such as talks to build a more harmonious relationship until marriage. If you have reached this stage, he is pretty sure that if you are a candidate companion of his life.

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