Monday, April 4, 2011

10 Attitudes of Successful Professional

You start a career in the same office at the same level with co-workers, and not how long, your friend has become your boss ... with two levels higher! How come?

There are several things that determine a person's success, namely intelligence, talent, and a good connection. But not only that. There is one other important factor; attitude!

The researchers found that levels of a person's attitude is a better determinant of success than IQ, education, and other factors. Those with a positive outlook on life is healthier, have better relationships, and can move better in a career. Moreover, positive people who have more wealth than those who were negative.

Everyone can have a positive attitude. Here are some of the positive attitude that leads many employees successful in their respective fields:

1. "I was the one who control my destiny"

If you always wait, wait, and wait for something to come to you, then the wait is your future. Success and strong professional will move quickly to create something. So, promise yourself to think about your career in a different way. You must be able to reach the top, and you have to control to make it a reality.

2. Everything is possible

Do not limit your view. Ever read or watch movie The Secret? There, it is said, you can get what you want if you imagine and focus the mind to be able to reach it. However, that does not mean you can justify any means to achieve that position, yes. So, if you want to occupy the vice chair leaders, do not think it can not.

3. No small task that is too small

Do not think that you can not reach the highest position if only doing small tasks. A worker could have just given the task of tidying the warehouse, but when you did with a vengeance and warehouses are to be clean and neat and facilitate other employees, leaders can see that this employee was intending to do his job wholeheartedly. So, try not to grumble when your boss ask you to do something that you don’t like.

4. Everyone is a potential contacts

You never know how much the ability of people around you. Likewise them with you. Do not want your people underestimate your abilities? So did others. So, do not also underestimate the ability of other people. Who said it was important to be kind to the secretary of the boss? When you need to hold meetings with the boss, the secretary can help you determine the schedule more quickly and enter your schedule when the boss has been very busy though.

5. Higher
If you always feel under-appreciated according to your ability, your performance will decline. Your work now may not be too suitable for you, but successful workers act like they're always working at their dream job.

6. Not to my knowledge, but who I know
Employees who succeed understand the importance of networking, both inside and outside the office. You should be more proactive to build contacts and networks. Invite a colleague to lunch together, go to the office even if only for showing a friendship, joined the workers association, whatever it may be associated with office work, as long as it does well, join it.

7. What else can I do?
Since you have control over your destiny, it becomes your job to find ways to improve the professionalism of yourself. Ask yourself to do extra work. Learn new skills to "sell" yourself. Coworkers as a team need help? Offer to help, though eventually you so must follow overtime. Successful workers will not remain silent when the part is finished, he will try to give more than just "good".

8. Failure will build the road to success

Although looking like a hindrance, failure is something helps a person to success. The difference from them what works and what does not is the way they look at failure. Those who are successful are those who learn from his mistakes and move forward.

9. Love yourself
Are you the one who wait for others to "discover" your talent and wait for someone considering your abilities? Maybe it's time for you began to advance and reveal your ability, what have you done in the office. Successful people always find a way to show their success without having to look like arrogant people.

10. Did not rule
There will be days that you just happy with the current situation. But remember that successful workers are always looking for opportunities to become better. Do not cover the ears, eyes and minds to progress your career.

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