Friday, April 8, 2011

Tips for Business Conversation

Roberta Roesch, author of Smart Talk: The Art of Savvy Business Conversation, warned businesses to keep simple but straightforward the flow of every business conversation. You call yourself a business person, so you would have supertight daily schedule, right? Because of that, term KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) is needed to apply at every opportunity.

Says the things you want to say to someone you know directly and uncomplicated. Leave details for the talks later and make sure that he had caught your "big picture" before ending the meeting. Make sure your business meeting weighty and not just waste any more time. Some of these things you need to consider when building a business conversation.

Casual but Serious
Although in everyday life you are used to address a variety of things with a relaxed attitude, but the mindset must be changed when the conversation turned on about business. With anyone you do business, remember that the basis of such cooperation is mutual trust, and your seriousness in maintaining commitment as well as your business partner. Although a joke can serve as an ice breaker, choose carefully your joke and comment so do not pitched SARA.

Formal Greetings
When talking about business to someone you just met, try to greet them with a formal greetings, such as Mr., Mrs., or brother. It is important to win the respect and attention from that concerned person. Before he asks you to call him by another name, it is still greeted with such designation. What is important, don’t forget his name if he had given it to you.

Good listener
Although there are many things that want to jump out of your mind, do not get trapped into a conversation in one direction. Give the other person a chance to tell about him too. Being a good listener means you have to practice to show a sincere interest in self-talk opponents, and the things that it conveys. Face-to-eye when speaking and give comment at the right time.

Control Bad Habits
Bad habits that damage situation, such as talking with his mouth full, scratching your nose when nervous, and did not look at the other person when talking, sometimes we do without conscious. In a business conversation, everything should be removed because it can bring a negative impression. Make no mistake, a business deal can be canceled just because someone did not feel comfortable with the attitude of your colleagues.

Safe Topics
If you have not already long familiar with business partners, choose a neutral topic. Do not until you engage in a debate that could loosen the relationship. If possible, find a topic of conversation that are both unpopular and controlled. Avoid talking about religion and politics, unless you specifically asked first. If forced to discuss the second topic, make sure your emotions do not bait and conversation is always in safe paths.

Do not Arrogant
The temptation faced by every businessperson is when you meet with a prospect, desire to reveal all the advantages that you had. Selling yourself is fine, but do not excess so make the listener feel sick. Leave sufficient information in CV. If want to lift yourself, do it with mild intonation and tone of joking.

Reduce Formalities
In a second meeting or when the relationship with business partners are a little liquid, begin to reduce the degree of formality in conversation. However, do not hurry, wait for the cue from him and start gradually. No need to rush to explore a sense of humor your business associates. The relationship can be uncomfortable if they had disconnected or even be offended to hear your joke.

Ending Conversations
Ended the conversation with a smile, referring to the business associates, preceded the title Sir or Madam, and a solid handshake. If you have not exchanged business cards, this is the right time to do it. When you run out of business cards, write down phone numbers and e-mail address on a piece of paper. Or, you can also send your data via e-mail. Just do not let the meeting ended without any possibility to establish contact again.

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