Saturday, April 9, 2011

8 Things Never Done When Catches Affairs

Lovers who are caught making out with another woman does hurt heart and head. However, , there are a number of things that should be avoided.

1. Being a drama queen
It's the most watched reality show, maybe your thoughts to spill a drink into the face of the him, slammed his glass to the wall, then sobbed in front of the crowd. If it is likely the case, then since from now learn to control yourself. The reaction is too dramatic like that can turn even hurt yourself. If this event occurs in restaurants or other public places, try to think about who is going to "kicked" out by security officers?

2. Spanking lover

You slapped him hard until the former palm of your hand painted on his cheek was able to bring immediate gratification because you managed to vent your frustration. But wait, that complacency can turn into a prolonged shame if it turns out you are missing something. The risk may be even greater if the lovers reflexively reply to slap you with physical violence as well, especially if you happen to have a boyfriend a karate athlete or boxer. Ouch ....

3. Attacking affair
Avoid doing rough or berate women who alleged affair. It could be she is a victim of the lies of your lover. Who knows if your lover who lied by claiming to not have a girlfriend? So, in this case, the lover is the one who you should be reprimanded, not the woman. After all, your lover who is betrayed. So, why throw the blame on other women? It takes two to tango, ladies.


Your Heart must be hot see lovers making out with another woman. But, thinking to revenge him when your mind is chaotic? Do not let happen, guys. Just because upset, does not mean you should simply accept guy invitation that you just met for a date night long. In difficult times like this, instead you'll want to avoid for some time from men. Wait until you clear your mind before you start dating again.

5. Self Destruction
Bad experience that makes you hit are often the reason for someone to do reckless. Starting from the racing on the highway, drank illicit drugs, attempt to finish your own life. Whatever your heart hurt as much today, you should not reply with injuring yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror. How could you injure yourself? After all, it obviously could not help you escape from reality. Be more rigid, and show the world that you can overcome the pain.

6. Self-deception

There is a big difference between the kind thought and fooling ourselves. If you look at he was making out with another woman, no need to neutralize the mood with regard the affair had never happened. Or, convince themselves that the woman is a friend or his relative that you are unfamiliar. Please, as a mature woman, you know, the limits of physical contact that may be done with friends or intimate act that is only worth with loved ones? Record fine events that you have witnessed so that when later he "lobbied" you to take him back you have the answer.

7. Making damage

Seeing him was seducing other women, besides making boiled heart, can also make your soil beneath was hot. It's good to scamper from that place and cool down your mind. But, while you go, do not be tempted to make mischief in attempt to vent frustration. For example, throwing stones at him, scratch his car with bottle caps, or restore the bike tires. It is considered a crime that just shows that you are not yet capable of thinking adults.

8. Self harm

Although the mind is upset, you should not do risky things that are harmful to oneself in order to catch cheating lover.

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