Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exhibitionist, Characteristics of Sex Addiction?

You do not believe there are women who can be addicted to sex? Naturally because women generally are not vulgar in speaking so others do not think she was very addicted sex. Or the women themselves do not realize that she is addicted to sex, and that there are treatments to resolve the issue. It's hard to guess how the behavior of someone who is suffering from this disorder. Often times we think, they're men or women who like looking at pictures or porn videos. They were men who often "snack" outside or cheating on his wife. And the culprit most men.

According to Tammy Nelson, PhD, a psychotherapist who is also founder and director of the Center for Healing in Connecticut, the word "addiction" refers to a behavior that attempt stopped or prevented by someone, but he can not afford. That behavior continues, albeit with many consequences. To stop the habit, they ultimately choose the path of consultation or therapy.

Almost 20 percent of those who seek help because the problem of sex addiction are female.
Sex addiction in women are often more subtle. Generally they are involved in relationships with several men, cheating, and masturbation. However, they also flirting or dancing excessively in a nightclub, which may seem normal to others. In fact, they could also be exhibitionist through gestures or provocative makeup.

Addictive behaviors that are categorized as chronic could encourage some women to perform plastic surgery to look more sexy, visit places of high risk, even doing quickie sex with a stranger or a gigolo, and also getting a night stand and cyber sex, exchanging sex for drugs or others.

There is a heartbreaking story behind this kind of behavior. Most women who are real sex addict and suffered from this behavior, previously suffered sexual abuse during childhood.

"The number (of victims of sexual abuse) achieved 78 percent of all female sex addict. This trauma can lead to compulsive repetition of trauma in childhood, in an effort to repair the damage or relive the trauma in order to control the consequences," explained the author of Getting the Sex You Want: Shed Your inhibitions and Reach New Heights of Passion Together.

Women sex addicts could try to stop herself from sexual activity altogether, and became "sexual anorexia", in the sense of not having feelings or sexual desires. In this way, they intend to keep away from trouble. For some women, it could succeed, at least temporarily. However, most sex addicts will return to their pattern, unless they get help

There are various risks that can be generated when they do not immediately get help. For example, sexually transmitted disease, unplanned pregnancy, physical violence, divorced, getting fired, and shunned by their family. Therefore, their confidence is also on the threshold of risk, if they are not immediately aware of their powerlessness.

Sex addiction in women emerged in the form of relationships with men or addicted to love, hoping to gain attention or satisfaction. Unfortunately, they never feel fulfilled.

 Therefore, Dr Nelson said, sex addiction is not just a matter of sex or love. It was an attempt for someone to achieve a kind of control anxiety, fear, or a boost in self to repeat a behavior over and over, with the hope that this time the outcome will be different. And the result is vain.

Well, if you feel experiencing, or find a friend or someone close to showing some of these characteristics, consult with therapists who deal with sex addiction. Recovery from this problem does require time. However, with assistance from the nearest person and a good therapist, recovery can create a satisfactory life for the patient.

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  1. The english is terrible in this article. E.g. "was very addicted sex", "behavior that attempt stopped","women to perform plastic surgery". etc