Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Most Common Reasons Women Avoid Sex

Losing the passion for having sex with husband? What is the main reason that makes you lose the passion? According to the poll which was named "Sex In The Nation, about 52 percent of women do not feel passionate in bed because she is think she is not attractive. That's one reason, there are several other reasons.

Approximately 72 percent of the 4 thousand female respondents admitted that fatigue is a killer passionate lovemaking, followed by feeling unattractive, pain, and stress. About 29 percent of women admit that feeling fat is a reason to feel she was not attractive, while 23 percent feel the parts of body fat that makes it feel less confident.

Psychosexual expert Dr. Catherine Hood, who also teaches at Oxford University,, most women who live under pressure to look perfect, their conditions are not realistic.

Approximately 13 percent of women who participated in the poll they just want to have sex when the lights went out because she felt embarrassed to be seen naked by her husband, and 1 in 10 want more sex positions to try, but can only perform the same position continuously because there are parts of the body who wish to be covered.

Experts say, this poll shows many women experience problems is combination unrealistic expectations about the appearance and increasing busy lives, and distantly space relationship is a difficult thing to be avoided as a result.

"Libido is a mix of physical and psychological factors, and this is different for every woman, but there are many ways to restore it. The couple have to create time to rebuild intimacy. For women who shy about body parts that fat, can try using a sexy camisole rather than appear naked in front of their husbands, "said Dr. Hood about the poll, sponsored by Fembido, pills that promise to promote women's libido.

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