Sunday, April 17, 2011

Starting From Zero? No Problem

In a journal entitled Woman in Business, Deborah Shane, a motivator and career experts from the U.S., gives business success’s tips. Let’s we see…

1. Determine Your Interest
If you are ready to enter the world of business, choose a business that most interest you. Whether in the field of culinary, fashion, or services. Measure the ability and knowledge to manage them. You must understand the business you would run.

2. Start Moving
If you already have a choice, be prepared to walk. You could ask a trusted colleague to join. Deborah pointed, finance is not your main problem. Business always gives opportunities and solutions.

3. Passionate
Passion to do business is important and should always be maintained. Successful businesses do not know mood.

4. Learn Market
Do research on your business competitors, both in terms of promotion or price. If you play in the culinary business, try to compare the taste and price. Then ask the opinion of consumers about the product you sell, whether they are satisfied or not.

5. Customer Nets
Study of consumer behavior and do marketing. Do not hesitate to give a promotion as a recognition step, such as half-price discount. Customers are a vital ingredient in business, make a good relationships and do not satisfy them.

6. Follow the Rules
Business knows a lot of rules. First, complete the business licensing by the government. Second, make a personal rule of the business carried on, such as operating hours until budget management.

7. Innovation
There is no fixed income in the business. If your business is less developed, do the innovation immediately, both in terms of product or marketing. Do not waste your time it's useless to mourn over the failure.

8. Create a Business Account
Distinguish between private money with a business aprofit. Use a 70 percent profits for savings. The rest you can use for personal expense.

9. Learning and Learning
Look for skill as much as possible, from books, Internet, or communicate directly with those who successfully in the business.

10. Perseverance
Business is not always running smoothly. Make the failure as a lesson, not the end of your business. If you look at the story behind successful people, you would find the key, perseverance.

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