Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10 Ways to Upgrade Quality

One key to a successful career is never allow ourselves to stagnate. You must have the motivation and confidence and move forward. However, not only your motivation must also have the skills to adequately. This not only silenced just like that, you have to set up and improve your ability to effectively. Upgrade the ability or skill will open up greater opportunities to reach their peak, also will keep you frozen out due to competition in the office.

The point is, do not easily satisfied and look for ways to improve the quality of professionalism. No one will enjoy the result besides yourself, really. Well, here are some tricks to upgrade your skills:

1. Assess yourself
Before you go any further, you should start by assessing the performance of self. Assessment should be objective and realistic. If you feel your performance is not maximized, judge like that. Take the paper, then write down the points whatever task you face in office. Then, ask yourself, how much you can handle these points.

For example, if you're an IT supervisor, ask how quickly you were able to follow the development of technologies that exist today? Also ask if you enjoy those tasks. This short list will help you gain an overall picture of your own performance. Having obtained an overall picture, you can decide which aspects you have mastered, and which aspects need to be improved.

2. Keep learning
Understand that professional career is a process where you have the opportunity to follow it continuously. So, use this opportunity to acquire professional skills. Do all tasks with the best, follow the rules, find out the strengths and weaknesses of the process, and so on. Thus, you will be able to run all your tasks well, now and in the future.

3. Be Responsible
Despite being in the shade of a company, you are going to determine a career. So, be accountable and make sure that you take every opportunity to improve your professional skills. Getting a bid to attend training, seminars, or membership of a professional association? No need to hesitate to come and join because of the skill would be more glorious.

4. Keep performance
In addition to responsibility, you also have to apply personal standards in your professional tasks. These standards will determine the quality of work. On the other hand, the performance is what will be the basis of a promotion or a promotion itself. So, do not hesitate to ask your boss. If it is felt necessary, ask for a new job or task that you feel challenged. However, must not ask for the assignment. Measure the ability and believe that you are able to accept the assignment.

5. Keep working relationship
Although apparently not directly related to skills, maintaining working relationships with all levels is one important strategy to develop the capability. Try to be able to work effectively in teams. Use all the examples and professional theory that you have to improve performance. If possible, make yourself as one example for coworkers.

6. Create a network
Set aside the business office first. Now, it's time to socialize and create a network outside the office. You can join a community of career professionals in the outside position, if it can improve the quality of your performance. For example, if you're an accountant, could not hurt to join the community exchange. Rest assured, knowledge and networks you have acquired and community development in communities that will be helpful in future careers.

7. Find a mentor
The best way to master a field is to learn from the experts. So, do not hesitate to seek a mentor or teacher. Of course, not literally. You can, really, such as "sit" to your favorite author through his books. Indirectly, you will master the science of the experts are and then you apply in your everyday tasks. But, you can also directly ask for guidance from experts who you know. Importantly, you are sure that the "teacher" you are indeed an expert and already has experience in his field.

If necessary, seek a mentor as much as possible. The more mentors, the more knowledge that can be absorbed, so that when faced with a problem job, you have many solutions.

8. Prepare future
Always ask, "What will happen tomorrow? How to cope?" One characteristic of winners is always a step ahead earlier than its competitors. When the competitor was busy grappling with the issue today, you've been looking for solutions to problems that arise tomorrow. Try to practice getting used to being one step ahead. Guaranteed, you will enjoy the results more quickly than you expect.

9. Refine your skills
Nowadays a lot of offers of training or short courses for all areas of profession, from training the company's financial problems, the computer program training, leadership training, and so forth. Well, just as to-2 points above, please feel free to attend training, although not directly related to your position. Do not be afraid to take the test the ability of the test. Usually the fears and doubts arise when you have not stepped. Once a step, you must be able to overcome earlier doubts immediately. Enrichment of this skill will definitely be a separate point in living your career.

10. Do not forget technology
There are so many social networking sites or you can go and help increase your skills. The easiest way is to search on Google. You can also join communities on Facebook or Twitter. If you are interested in improving negotiation skills, you could for example, "friends" with good marketing, if you intend to study the computer program, you can join a community of computer programmers, and so forth.

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