Monday, April 4, 2011

Saving From Ex

You've finished your beautiful story with him. You wanted to forget everything and hope that will never see him again. What could we say, at an event, you met him. Hearts were rustled, heart pounding. All kinds of feelings come up. Yes, lazy, angry, scared, but also curious.
Well, follow the following techniques and guaranteed you will go away with confidence.

1. Do not dodge
Do not dodge. Forget the past. It's time for you to overcome fear. It’s natural for you to feel restless. But remember, the meeting did not last forever and when you leave, you realize you've got yourself under control. Obviously, it has added your confidence.

2. Topics for discussion

Although you end the relationship in a way that is not good, is not the time to fix the past. Focus the  discussion at today's event. No need to ask in detail. The more vague the subject, the better for you to go without "the message and impression." But avoid conversations regarding your love life or him.

3. Do not be dramatized
When ex-boyfriend forced to figure out what was wrong, refused to discuss it. Both of you have any contribution to breakup, apologize for mistakes you make, and keep your focus off of that relationship. Dramatized in public is not only embarrassing, but also to evoke old memories and make you carry feelings. The goal is to keep your self esteem. Dramatizing the situation to make sense of relief for the moment, but after that will make you miserable.

4. No need to further chat
Meet and chat with his former boyfriend, although your break up is fine, still need to limit the conversation. The longer you talk, the more likely to have close contact or even to fight back.

5. Keep out of the mind to reconnect
Well, you've succeeded and went away with confidence. What will you do now? Do not think anyword he's saying like, "See you again!" or "We'll get a in touch, yes" and then you ask yourself, "Is it true, I mean he say that?"
Instead, praise yourself as that you’ve been mature. Maybe you better think about celebrating your breakup with him at a cafe with friends for just a drink and wash the eyes. Who knows, in the cafe you will see someone better!

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