Saturday, April 2, 2011

Work Makes You Stay Single?

Your busy life in work makes it difficult to find time to have fun. Or, because you was happy to work, you choose not looking for lover first. Do not have a partner is that a choice or not, in fact that back at you. Do you know what's really going on that make your job is your number one priority ?

1. "I do not have time for dating"

The young workers say that work can not make them have the time to relax or to meet the right partner. You must consciously put job as priority number one. Or maybe because you think achieving brilliant career at work is so much easier than looking for a dream lover.
Whatever the reason, give too much time and energy to work will never be able to change your position from single to be in relationship.

The solution: Balance work with personal life. You certainly will not get the career you want if not try the job right? Similar to finding a partner. You will not get it if you do not try as hard as your dedication to the job. Create a priority and also aim to find your future spouse. For example, how much time you need for your personal life in one week.

2. "My superiors know I'm single, and use it"
Those who live single usually are required to work overtime, traveling for business purposes, and receive a decision in the last hours. Why? Because they are considered not to have a need to gather with family.

The solution: Increase your commitment in private life. If your boss asks to work late into the night, you do not have to always accept it. Give a reason if you already have other plans that are important. It is good to dedicate your job beyond your working hours, but make sure your personal life is not excluded.

3. "The man that I know usually have married and has a spouse"
Perhaps it had something to do with work. Because statistics show that 50 percent of married couples find their flings in the workplace. So maybe you're not lucky if you does not have a workplace that lets you meet the opposite sex who is still single. Or, which allows you to go out with one of them.

The solution: Find out how to find other single men. After all, the workplace is only one option to get a pair. Active in associations or clubs, try to visit a new restaurant, a concert-do with friends, or continuing education, also will give you the opportunity to meet new people.

4. "No man wants to dating me ...."
Ladies, do not be so desperate, please. But indeed, there are types of work that may be made to re-think the opposite sex for dating you. Suppose you were a psychologist. Who can stand if continues get a psychological analysis from his partner? Or accountant who is always serious and too calculated in a matter of money.

The solution: If you have a job that makes you isolated or far from partner's dream list, do not get discouraged. The trick, keep the impression that your personality is not same as your job. Stay away from topics of conversation about your work, until you are sure that your partner is already prepared.

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