Monday, May 2, 2011

"Double Date" Make Relationships So Healthy

Many women who decide to "going out" with her husband when the child is not present yet. Only then women will get over the stress that made him not getting pregnant. Spending time with other couples who also has not been blessed with children can also benefit because they can share experiences and strengthen each other.

Often this meeting can make couple into a double date. Please note, a double date in this question is not exchanged intimate partner, you know! This double date has nothing to do with matters of sex. Performed just hang out to eat, watching, playing games, traveling, or simply invite another couple to the house to cook together. This is the same as you did when appointments with friends and boyfriend to a concert together, for example. You can laugh, tease each other, and forget the fatigue that burden of everyday life. This moment is also fun when couples share their experiences about the life of marriage, for example.

If you have never done a double date with another couple, an occasional please, try it!!. Moreover, according to the study, a double date can make your relationship with your partner become healthier.

Richard Slatcher, a researcher at Wayne State University, conducted a study of 60 couples that have been dating for two years or more. They were then separated into two groups and paired with each other to talk. Half of the couples were simply asked to talk further ado, while the other half were given specific topics to be discussed and tend to be emotional.

Three months later, none of the group who chatted lightly keep in touch. But a third of couples chat group was already intense friendship and keep in touch with each other. At least 33 percent of couples who start these friends claimed to feel more excited, enthusiastic, happy, and even more closely with their partners compared with group chat preamble.

In Slatcher observation, when I have to deal with these new friends, male or female try to show him the best-physically and emotionally. And, this positively affects a woman or a man's relationship with her partner. With more beautiful dress, for example, the first women to remember how he did it to attract a partner.

Maybe, after a long merried, woman forgot to take care themselves while the spouse is still looked interesting. It also could be a lesson for men or women who've been married long: do not forget to continue taking care of yourself. When double date, you become more confident as long as this moment is not used for cheating. If this happens, there may be one of the parties who have a less good intentions.

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