Saturday, May 7, 2011

5 Reasons Why Men Reluctant to Intimate

Relationship without romance is not delicate. Because of that when you realize the he'd never hug, hold, or kiss you, it feel annoyance . If this happen, you who must take the initiative to shows intimacy. But the result, he would looks clumsy, and trying to stay away. If he does not ever touch you, do not necessarily think that something wrong. For example, maybe he was in a relationship with another woman. There are five possible causes:
1. He was not sure how he feels about this relationship.
However, this does not always happen so you do not need urgent and accused your partner are not serious with your relationship just because he does not kiss you after you brought home last night. Men who are not accustomed to talking about problems being faced by their partners also tended to express their feelings physically, alias away, or do not want to hug and hold.

2. He worried about what other people think.
When you side by side, or hug, the reaction of his friends tend to differ. Women usually will comment, "So sweeeeet ...!" While men generally will scoff, think you are both quasi-intimate. This is what's annoying him so he chose not to show affection in public.

3. He comes from a family that is not accustomed to show his affection
As a kid, his parents did not express much affection in the form of greeting or sweep in the head, cheek, or hug. If you want to prove it, let's see how the situation when he met the sisters or mother. You might change this habit, but should slowly.

4. Remember, if you are too pressed him to show affection?
 For example, with questions like, "Kiss me?" Or, with a possessive arm as he entered the mall or a wedding reception. Perhaps he himself did not feel like making out, but the pressure as you do make it increasingly reluctant to do so.

5. Possible he was among those who claustrophobic, afraid of the narrow room, or nearby
 He can not accept other people too close to him, and need space more freely. Under conditions that are not too severe, he usually just uncomfortable close to other people, including you who became her partner.

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