Monday, May 16, 2011

7 Reasons Not to Wear Wedding Ring

Wedding ring was not made merely as a symbol of the bond between men and women. Newly married couples can make the ring as a reminder that they are committed to each other. By the time you face the problem, the ring also serves to empower you that once you get married on the basis of that commitment and therefore should do your best to solve the problem.

However, many couples who have agreed not to wear a wedding ring even though their marriage was fine. They chose to leave their wedding ring in jewelry box. In men, the classic reason that was brought up is usually for mistaken being single, wven at house their wearing a ring. However, once the gate closed, the ring kept in his pants pockets. So they can flirting at office or cafe.

Hopefully this is not the reason your husband was reluctant to wear the ring. There are still some other reasons why many couples do not wear their wedding ring:

1.  If reason they does not like to wear jewelry.

You are not the type of ring users who want to be bothered to remove the pair of rings each time a shower. This reason brings tattoo trend in the wedding ring finger. There were floral or tribal tattoo circling the finger, some are just writing the name of partner.

2. Fingers began to swell.

Either because you become pregnant, or indeed attempt taste foods at new restaurants with your husband, so you are difficult when you try to enter the ring.

3. If my husband does not wear it, why should I have?

This is a continuation of the first. If the husband does not like to wear jewelry because of hassle, you do not want to wear them. To be fair!

4. Living in a dangerous area.

Whether you live in an area classified as vulnerable, or you must pass through areas that  many hijack  prior to the office, you feel better do not use the jewelry at all. Glint of gold on the rings can attract the attention of bad people, right?

5. Too many rings you wear.

You have a large collection of rings, diamond rings or ring either as an accessory, while your husband is a collector of agate rings so your wedding ring doesn’t suit.

6. Careless, often lost jewelry.
It's also good reason for not wearing a wedding ring. You often forget where you put the jewelry, or you frequently lose the rings because the size is too big, so easy to escape unnoticed.

7. Assuming a wedding ring is not so important.
Believe it or not, there are couples who sold their wedding ring because they needed the money, even this couple including the middle class. That is, the money from selling ring is not to buy food but to fill other household needs. I do not know, maybe they want to build gazebo in front of the house.

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