Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sex and laugh Can Help Burn Calories

Two separate studies revealed that laughter and sex can help burn calories. Sounds too good to be true? Could be, but this conclusion is obtained from quite comprehensive.research.

According to two experts laughter, Dr. Lee S and Dr. Stanley Tan, laughter can maximize the many functions of various body systems. Berk and his colleagues know, laughter can help optimize endocrine hormones in the body systems while reducing levels of stress hormones (cortisol and epinefrina).

Their study found that repeated laughing out loud can cause body to respond similar response like doing light exercise. Laughing out loud could encouraging mood, reduce stress hormones, increase body immune, lower bad cholesterol and systolic blood pressure, and increase good cholesterol (HDL).

This research, according to Berk, concluded that laughter can cause a wide modulation and repetitive body's response that is similar doing exercise. So, repeated laughed off is same like exercise over and over. Exciting, huh?

Same like laughter, there are many health benefits associated with sex, including the extension of lifespan, cardiovascular health, tolerance to pain, increased body immune, as well as reducing the level of depression.

According to research, if having sex with a pretty challenging position, such a stunt, for half an hour continuously, you will burn approximately 150-350 calories. This is equivalent to walking slowly, running, or lifting weights for 30 minutes. According to Forbes magazine, made love twice a week for a year will burn calories equivalent to seven plates of pasta.

Kerry McCloskey, author of The Ultimate Sex Diet, confirms that sex is an enjoyable exercise. The more exercise you do, the better your sex life.

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin examined some women. The study looks at blood flow in female sex organs after they watched pornographic movies. Known more rapid blood flow in women after exercise than those who do not exercise. In essence, the more exercise, the more often you passionate sex with your husbands, and more frequent sex, the more exercise you do.

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