Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hugging is More Intimate Than Sex ???

When you are asked to choose between talking with your partner on the couch (while occasionally kissing) or sex on the bed, which is to be your choice? When the question was posed to the British couple, more than half chose to sit on the couch alone.
As many as 53 percent of couples are indeed rather spend the evening with each other's arms while kissing. While 98 percent think sex is also important, although not the most important when compared with the commitment, friendship, and sense of humor.

The poll, involving 1,000 people was conducted by UK healthcare company, Bayer, to see how the touch play a role in our lives. Six of the 10 couples surveyed admitted that being touched by the couple create a positive influence, because it helps create a relaxed atmosphere and reduce tension.

The majority of respondents, or 88 percent, says the stress, fatigue, and quarrels, as the main obstacle in building intimacy with a partner. Meanwhile, more than 51 percent blame the social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace as the cause of the lack of physical interaction between them.

The survey also revealed that women are often reluctant to become parties initiate sexual contact. Nine out of 10 women admitted that they were waiting for her partner who took the first action in the bedroom. Even 54 percent of women said that discussing contraception with a partner just too embarrassing, let alone discuss when to have sex.

"Contraception can affect intimacy, you know," said Dr Diana Mansour, an expert in sexual health in England. "If you do not choose the right contraception, which is suitable for you, you may experience troublesome side effects that can alter sexual desire."

You who feel embarrassed when had to initiate an intimate relationship with your husband would no longer feel alone with the existence of this research. Apparently, women anywhere in the world experience it. Nevertheless, it should not be a habit. Men are also happy if their partners want to do initiatives for this one, you know.

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