Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5 Type Romantic Couple

Each pair is unique because basically every human being unique itself. When humans are uniquely met with other unique human being, it becomes a complex relationship. If you notice, they can be categorized into several groups. This group has never been proven scientifically, but you may include in it.

* Couple PDA.
This couple is crazy about each other, and not shy showing public displays of affection, aka making out in public. Often they are also difficult to remove from one another. Where is A, here is B (sometimes you get tired of seeing them together and hold). There are times when this is done because one party proud with her partner, and wanted to show "ownership".

* Couple "just friends".

This is  the opposite from PDA couples. Instead of covering, this type was not considered romance as something to be exaggerated. Their relationship tends to free turbulence, very casual, cool, not to attract attention, even sometimes you forget that they are not just friends, but partners.

* Couples who bicker only.
 These couples often argue all the time and they seemed to enjoy it. No matter was both or in front of others, they often make a fuss about things. Often the issue things that can not jeopardize their relationship. I do not know, maybe this couple should consider each other to express a sense of like or dislike, or they just want the relations between them are not boring.

* Couple who very different.
They are like the earth and sky. One was quiet, the other talkative. The one very good looking, others are less pleasing to the eye. A petite woman with, a big tall man. A nightclub guy with homey woman. Please continue your own differences you find. The most important thing, they could get along.

* Couple inspirational.
This couple could give an example how to treat each other well, or can transmit certain habits on the other. In short, they could prove that a healthy and happy relationship is not nonsense. They may be parents, grandparents, or older couples you know. If you need advice on relationships, these couples could be the source.

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