Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Love at First Sight" only Happen to Men???

You may have often heard that what makes a man attracted to a woman the first time is his appearance. Recent research has even said that a man only takes 1 second to ascertain whether a woman will become a potential partner just from  her pretty faces. On the other hand, women do not decide whether a man would be a good match based solely on outward appearance.

Women tend to be looking for personality factors to assess whether a man would be the right companion. Conversely, for men, more physical factors make it easier to quickly assess the potential for a woman to become her partner.
However, according to researchers from the University of Amsterdam, just by selecting the pretty-faced partner, does not mean the man cemen. Because, man defense instinct drives them to look for signs of a good female fertility, including among them a beautiful face and body healthy.

Studies conducted by the research team involved 20 men and 20 women who asked to see the pictures of the opposite sex (whether they are beautiful / handsome or not) while performing a particular task. Respondents attributed to a machine that records the activity of their brains. Tests showed that women still able to perform these tasks, while men concentrate so not doing its job because of those images.

"The eyes of the men would go anywhere," said Professor Mark van Vugt from the University. "But, it's because they are developing to notice the signs of fertility, in which one of these markers is the beauty of the face."

The research team found that men make sharp judgments about women, even faster than expected. Passion for men to beautiful women, according to the researchers, is also part from evolution. "This is something very ancient and a way to help men find the best partner to produce children," added Van Vugt.

While the female mind is not easily diverted by the handsome faces of men because women tend to need further proof that a man would be a good match. By itself, the decisions made by women is also much slower.
Hm ... what do you think?

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