Monday, May 16, 2011

Scent Body Make Kiss More "Hot"?

A kiss, was not just an expression of our feelings toward spouse. This activity can also reveal how to fit you and your partner and your relationship harmony. And, though many felt had mastered the science kiss, but still there are facts about the kiss that we do not know. Sheril Kirshenbaum, author of The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us, presents various ways, from about the first kiss to the influence of alcohol on the kiss.

Not just  chemistry

You and him may quickly become close because you feel there is chemistry. The kiss itself, often grows out of connection and emotional atmosphere. "A great kiss is often occurs because we understand the needs and desires of the couple, not because there is a special way to do it," says Kirshenbaum. The articles that show how to kiss is usually just focus on where to put hands, or how to set the mood. But the intuition is that makes you and your partner become comfortable, and able to enjoy the kiss. A kiss is a comprehensive expression of your feelings against him.

First kiss never dies
Most people more remember they first kiss moment that their first lover, according to research from Butler University. It is unclear why, but according to Kirshenbaum likely this is because the kiss be our introduction to sexual behavior, plus all the activities that follow will be smoother. "This has nothing to do with doing something new, and how much we involve our senses in our behavior," he said.

Men would rather play tongue
Do not blame the way he fondle, and frequently involves the tongue and saliva. Because, the way men and women kissing is not the same. "Men tend to express his joy with wet kiss, with mouth open. Conversely, women will continue to complain about the frequent games of this tongue, "says Kirshenbaum.
There is a reason why men love to do wet kisses. Open mouth allows him to send a little testosterone in women who arouse the libido through their saliva. Imagine if this is done for weeks or months, you might even be a turn on.

Aroma affect body
Our nose can appear to distinguish the genetic fitness of natural scent our partners. "Hygiene is important for everyone, whether he is worthy of being pursued or not," said Kirshenbaum. "More than that, it seems that scent could be a subconscious way of expressing one's genetic and immunity." What if our spouse always wear perfume or aftershave, would not be difficult to guess the original scent of her body?
"If You quite often spend time with someone, over time you will surely catch the original scent of her body," he said.

Alcohol has a big influence?
Drugs and alcohol stimulates some of the same chemical compounds in the brain, such as kissing, so you can misinterpret these substances with the passion of the couple. But if you like, making out session can be tasted better after drinking alcohol (alcohol can let your defenses, so the kiss became more fun).
"It could lead to feeling better or worse, depending on how the drug affects your reality," said Kirshenbaum says. A kiss can act as a kind of "medicine", so do with the most accurate impression about your feelings. But in fact, expressing feelings is better when it’s done in a conscious state, right?

So thanks goodness kisses
Men do not know, chocolate or flowers will not make us forget the fight that happened. The KISS is actually who has the ability to do so. Although the woman denied it, but research shows that even small kiss can make you able to forgive, says Kirshenbaum.
This capability may come from the hormone oxytocin is released when we kiss. A kiss can reduce levels of cortisol (stress hormone) that occur in our bodies we are fighting.

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