Sunday, May 8, 2011

3 Traps Couples Communication

There are many tips that provide ways to communicate with your partner. It really could helps. But it is also important to know what traps that could make communication between couples inhibited. What are the most common?

1. Communicate to manipulate
Without realizing it, we communicate only to try to get what we want and whenever we want. We sulk, pout, threaten, even whine to get people we are talking to feel bad. Type this communication may be effective temporarily, but can be harmful to long-term relationship. Stop doing this. Appreciate what you can your partner offer. If he can not give you what you want, see if you can get it yourself.

2. Communicate to deceive
This is the most dangerous form of communication. This type of communication that can destroy many relationships. Lies, exaggeration, and fraud can cause confusion and pain. This will shake all relationships, and ultimately cause cracks. Beware the dangers of this communication and stop before it starts. When you honestly to your partner, you will not feel comfortable receiving a lie. If a relationship based on honesty then there will be integrity in it.

3. Communicating with a double message
Double message, say one meaningful thing plural not far from cheating. It also could be interpreted by lying. Promising something, whether it's action or words, but not done. Ambiguous messages can create confusion. Always note the actions taken by the couple, because the action is more honest than the words. If the words are different from what he did, do not listen to his words. Understand that people themselves have a conflict within him, and do not let you also feel it.

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