Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sex Shouldn’t Always on Night

Many people argue that sexual activity should be done at night. Night is considered as a good time to have sex, so there is term "wedding night" instead of "noon brides".

Nightclubs entertainment wrapped sex is mostly open at night. Although lately a lot of sex terms also done in the afternoon as "sex after lunch", mostly in our minds is appropriate to have sex at night. True?

Actually, if the portion of our work is mostly done during the day until late afternoon, evening time is usually moments to restore power back for next day. For those who are lucky to work until 5 pm only, there is a long enough time to rest while waiting to have sex with your wife / husband around 10 pm. However, what about someone who can be home at 7pm to 8pm at due to traffic jams? they could have do it at around 10pm to 11pm. If it is not able,to do at night especially if both partners work, so it’s ok to wait until morning.

Although sexual activity usually done by men, but both sides take similar efforts. But it is more pity if women are working and still have to take care home and children.

If this happen, not to mention fatigue as the housekeeping gone, it could be big dispute. No wonder burnout before sexual intercourse often causes female orgasm difficult. Some people view sex as part of service to the husband who can not be denied. There is no element in there to enjoy sex as husband and wife.

Sex in the morning
Actual sexual intercourse is also comfortable in the morning. If getting enough sleep, then wake up, the couple can make a good sexual relationship. Moreover, in the morning, men who are still healthy usually have an erection in the morning. Women also still in a fresh condition upon awakening.

However, it is difficult to do if they work from a place far from home. Wake up already should immediately prepare themselves and the children. Father also rush to the office so as not to be late and traffic jams on the road. Finally, sex is forgotten or if there is anything done as quickly as possible.

This problem is often experienced by couples today when the time was significant for both because of  job. If that so, please consider your activity including sex. If you are aged 20-40 years but less from once a week had sexual intercourse, it means you have to start vigilant. Lest you have forgotten to enjoy meaningful sexual relationship!

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