Tuesday, May 10, 2011

13 Signals You Must Break Him Up

Unhealthy relationships are not only characterized by physical violence, but also all the things that make you feel uncomfortable.
He Forbids you to go without him.
As a lover she thinks you are his alone. You can not make friends with A or with B. He also would not like if you go with another friend. Anyway whatever you do must be alone with him. Stop! No one has the right to limit your socializing. Conscious or not, this attitude will alienate you from family and friends.
Want to be heared without listening.
Each of you and him were arguing, he always requires you to listen to his arguments. However, he never care about your argument. For him, his argument is always true.

Likes to pry your mistake
When he is upset at you, his habit is to bring up again the mistakes that you've done that makes you always feel guilty.

 Every now and then he always talk about his favorite car. Sometimes it’s ok but if every occasion he always show his wealth and power to you and everyone, really annoy right?

Speeding every time angry.  
He often channel their emotions by using high-speed driving. Worse, he is always forcing you to go with him. Physically, he does not hurt you, but could say he hurt you psychologically.

Always threatening break.

All you have to obey his wish, if not he will threaten you and tell you to leave your evil on others. The attitude like this is enough to show that he did not sincerely love you.

Shouted in front of your face.

Anything upset him, he still must honor and respect you. Speaking in a good way of course would help the problem faster completion than cursing you.

No more personal territory. 
All social networking passwords you have, ranging from e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, until the Messenger must be noted by him. By doing this, he was free to check all your activities in cyberspace. Remember, everyone is entitled to have a private room, including you.

Checking the phone.
Do not want no other man to contact you, he was diligent in checking incoming SMS and your mobile phone. In fact, one key to the success of a relationship is trust. After all you are not a criminal, and he's not law enforcement, so he has no right to check your personal belongings.

Set the food menu
With reason did not want to have a fat girlfriend, he seemed to have the right to adjust your diet. If you are not a problem, please. If not, he has no right to restrict what you eat.

Showing anger in cyberspace.
We're angry, often times she wrote angry expression on your Facebook wall or through his Twitter. He wanted everyone to know that he is angry at you.

Broken promise. 
You have a beautiful dress to go with him, he suddenly disappeared without a word. If he really loves you, he will certainly appreciate your feelings and not make you disappointed. Once, twice, can you forgive, more than five times? Please find another replacement.

Borrow money without return.
If from the beginning he says to borrow, make a deal when he will return. If you need to make the agreement in black and white, especially if the number is not small money. Remember, money does not know the boyfriend.

Ask you to pay bills
He could not restrain spending appetite. That sucks, though is not big money, he still wants to buy goods and rely on you to pay it. Tell him, you are not ATM machines.

You deserve to have healthy relationships and positive. Do not waste time with a relationship that has the potential to hurt and physically.

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