Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working with Elegant Finish

Whatever the reason, however his condition, what had started well, should end well too.
Most likely, everyone come to work with a good start. Therefore, when resigned are doing well too. There are people who are not feeling comfortable with the working environment away with it. This should be avoided by a professional worker. Whatever the reason, however his condition, what had started well, should end well. If there is a problem, finish first professionally.

Trigger factor
Surely there are many factors that cause someone decided to quit from a job. In general there are three things that trigger the appearance of it, namely:

* Ability`
Usually one chooses to work based on ability and experience. But if the job she lived was beyond his ability, usually a person will tend to pressure and stress. Conversely, if the demands of the job is far below capacity, saturation will come. Disharmony between abilities and challenges can make a person choose to retreat.

* Enthusiasm and self-actualization
Work is performed with a full heart can get maximum results and can be enjoyed, not just himself, but also others. Therefore, the work required is also interest and attractted. If these two things do not exist at all, certainly it’s difficult to achieve appropriate results. In addition, the working people also need self-actualization. So even though pleasant work environment and have the ability, if the interest and opportunity to actualize themselves do not exist, someone could decide to stop working.

* Work environment
This is one important factor in determining one's success in work. Conducive and supportive environment can make people uncomfortable, so the ability to work can be excluded to the fullest. Match with the working environment is often the reason a person feel at home and loyal to a company. Work environment may include superiors, peers, subordinates, or the system that applied the company. Work environment that is uncomfortable and can not accommodate the need will be the reason someone is looking for other workplaces.

Risking credibility

If one of these three things above are not met, certainly fair when someone decides to resign from the company. What matters is if the reasons above peppered with other conflicts that make employees want to rush away.

"Emotionally it is humane. But keep in mind also that the problem of employment should not be settled and resolved with the emotional, so no regrets in the future”

The decisions made emotionally risky self-defeating. Examples like this: The boss said something that made ​​you offended and immediately decided to resign. At that time, the decision to stop further triggered emotions so most likely you have not thought about, let alone prepare, the next step. Often, employees are also upset with the company's new regulations. Before it makes you back, think about it carefully. Do not make decisions that will be regretted later.

Resolve conflicts

In the working world, possibility of conflict is huge. Could be, the conflicts that led by someone who does not feel at home and want to quit their jobs. Before taking a final decision, try mediation first. Who knows could be found the best solution. Mediation can be done by people who are directly in conflict or with an intermediary company management. With the mediation, a good relationship with the company expected to remain intact. Who knows someday we will reconnect with the person or company.

If someone was already being emotional, the only way to fix it is apologize. Neither myself, to parties that problematic or to colleagues who took part felt the impact of the conflict. Greatness of heart to do is necessary, because it’s your good name and credibility is at stake. The work environment will continue to remember you as being emotional.

Although difficult, this method is quite elegant. In essence, as someone who is professional, finish your working lives in a company with the impression that 'sweet',if there are any problems that have occurred. Do not forget, follow the procedure as possible. Professionalism not only need to be shown during the work, but also when we will stop working.

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