Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Mistakes When ”approach” Woman

1001 way would you do to get the coveted men's hearts. Don’t miss step, it might turn good ideas into a boomerang. Well, in order to attract him, stay away from the biased attitude that made him away. Arose perfect and avoid this error.

1. Using Body Language
Body language can become the most powerful way to get attention, as well as the way that most get men understand. Playing and turning hair can grab attention, but if it’s done continuously he will assume you're nervous. No need to thinking about style, your sweet smile was enough to make him interested.

2. Be Overstated
No need to show the attitude of excessive, as too enthusiastic to tell many things to get the impression that you are easy to talk, or laugh out loud when he launched a joke. It makes a man think if you're acting weird. Show smart, elegant, and not contrived, it is expected the him from you.

3. Teasing Through Social Networking

Social networking is very effective to establish friendships, but not the right way to express interest at him. Rather than draw attention, he even considers your temptations as a joke of friendship. Just tease him directly, because it makes him feel special and judge you as brave and mature woman. But do not overdo it, yes, because instead he could run away, again.

4. SMS and Phone is Not Important

Your mind just want to pay attention, but believe me this way does not work. Call or send a short message say hello in the morning or ask already eaten or not, will not make it tempting. Moreover, if you do this every day. We can be sure the he would feel uncomfortable. After all, you are also not the nurse who had always reminded him for eating, right? Should SMS or call him just for the important things only. Calculated pulse-efficient, right?

5. Talk about ex ugliness

Speaking with a target man is often made nervous and lost for words. Look for any topic not to discuss the ex, like, "My ex has girlfriend everywhere," or "I do not know why my relationship with my ex can be really long eventhough he is so stingy." Before asking this, think if all men were equal. It may be that he also has same common with the former. For example, too often play games, or too many female friends. If not, he'll think you'll talk to everyone when he made a mistake on you.

6. Disfigure Other Women

Avoid also commented bad about other women. For example, commented negatively the way other woman dressed. Or talk about a lot of friends who had a boyfriend. Talking about the ugliness of others can make them think that if you do not believe in yourself and have a jealous nature. Discuss your favorite music much better.

7. Relying on Sexual Attractiveness

If you do not want him attract to you just because of your body, do not have to wear little skirts and tops too open when dating. Too sexy appearance could make him forget to get to know you more deeply, because he was busy admiring the view or comment in his heart. Casual look can break the ice and make him comfortable dealing with you.

8. Easy "touched" and "touching"

New five-minute chat, you have already turning his hair or stroking his hand. For women, the touch is an expression of care, but for men, this is "invite". So, even if you like half-dead, or the love you have come to the crown, should hold themselves. You also definitely not comfortable when meeting with a man who had known too dared to hold hands here and there.

9. Being Other People

No matter how good the figure of someone else, just remain be yourself is the best. You do not need to bother making up stories to make it look or seem as a perfect figure. Be honest and tell him what it is about yourself. If he ask you can you cook, and actually you can not cook, just say "I can cook instant noodles (instant noodles need to be cooked, right?)" So do not lie.

10. Expresses Mr. Wonderful
No creature is perfect, including us as women. Talking about a man's dream made him think that you can not accept someone as it is. Make an impression that the he is the dream guy that you are looking for does not compare with anybody.

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