Sunday, March 27, 2011

7 Questions Before You Spending Money

7 Questions Before You Spending Money
No matter how small  your coins, still would help when you want to save money.  Seven important questions to be answered before you start spending your money then your salary will not disappear after 10 days.

1. Do you have to buy it?

If you can borrow or ask for hand-me-down from older brother, why you should buy it? Are you able to trade up right? There are some stores that allow you to swap add your belongings, like furniture. Several electronics companies are also often held a program like this.

2. Have you found the best price?

Allow time for you to compare prices, at least from the three brands, or three stores. What is a famous brand always higher quality than private label in the mini market or hypermarket? Collect information from sites. Who knew you could get a discount price which is interesting enough to dine at the restaurant or to get airline tickets.

3. Have you slept?

According to research, when we want to use the money for emotional (for example, when under stress at work), reduce the desire for a moment that could prevent you from making the wrong decision. Sleep used to forget that shopping desires. Once able to control the desire to buy something in one night, or week, you'll be grateful because you can use that money for other more important things .

4. Are you shopping JUST BECAUSE it is sale?

Is it indeed is black pumps you need, or the price is down a pity to miss? Often We buy More Than We need, or out of a planned, when entering the discount. Many are forced to buy jeans that are too narrow, or a cloth who "that not good", then left sitting in the closet afterwards.

5. Is the item will from be discounted?

Some outlets or department stores have a sale program on a regular basis. Nothing wrong, you ask whether the product you seek will from be discounted. If Necessary, ask the store to contact you if you already hold a discount program. With records, you do have a special fund to buy it. If you've been waiting Season Discounts, and your coveted item was not there, do not be disappointed.

6. You like it, or need it?

This question is simple, but difficult to decide the answer. Do not trigger handed your money before you can answer the second question with the word "Yes. " If you do not like the goods, you will also not like it when the time came for paying credit card bills.

7. Whether you can afford?

When you do not have money left over to pay for goods in cash, better not have bought it. No matter how cheap the goods, pay with credit cards when there is still another spending bill, it was not worth pursuing. The interest payments alone exceed the price of goods.

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