Sunday, March 27, 2011

8 Things Men Destructive Concentration

8 Things Men Destructive Concentration
Men have their own fantasies about women. For most men there are certainly many things that would interfere their concentration.

1. Sounds sexy

Sexy voice can beat the female body shape. Many men crazy about a sexy female voice. Sound as if stroking, deep, and sounded flatter.
One appeal of Marilyn Monroe is her voice that men are considered sexy. If for this era, sounds like Cameron Diaz sounds sexy. Sexy voice can be trained with make your voice sound deep and low pitched. Who knows you can practice it with your partner.

2. Full buttocks

Most men prefer the full buttocks. Their dream is a body like Jennifer Lopez. This woman was wearing a green dress that shows the chest until almost the hip, design by Donatella Versace. And for weeks, Jennifer and the clothing was discussed in cyberspace.
Grooved  women is more likeable because it is pleasing to the eye, especially when they wearing tight clothing. Some argued, women's large buttock can certainly have many children. Whatever the reason, grooved woman can catche eye more great men.

3. Sensual lips

Female body part that also attract the men is a form of sensual lips. The shape is full and rather thick with sexy grooves. For example, the shape of Angelina Jolie's lips and Minka Kelly. Women with sexy lips will not being miss looked at by the men.

4. Beautiful chest

Another fantasy for men is a woman who have a wonderful pair of chest. There is one opinion that man like a large size like Kim Kardashian or Mariah Carey. Some also considered this part do not need a super-sized, but still look tight, like Jessica Alba’s.

5. Peeping Underwear

Transparent clothes with a dreamy bra, or bra strap that was accidentally peek at the shoulder, was making men eyes look straight. Men would rather see women wearing this kind clothes rather than bikini woman. Ones that is not allowed are the underwear peeking out from the back of the trousers, even revealing parts of the buttocks. Men can ilfil see it.

6. Not embarrassed to talk sex

Men like woman who was not afraid to talk about sex. Indicates that the woman was not afraid to express opinions and full of initiative. Men’s thought can not be separate from this issue. So when he met with women who did not shy talking about it, he will feel comfortable.

7. Pierced

Another male fantasy is to see women pierced. Can be in the navel or on the tongue. With piercing or tattoos, you can change their opinion 180 degrees. According to them, women who get pierced quite courageous and certainly willing to be invited adventurous.

8. Like ride motorcycles

Blessed are women who like to ride motorcycles. In the eyes of many men, you look sexy when riding a motorcycle. In fact, there is a man who praised a woman who was riding a motorcycle wearing high heels. The picture was long embedded in his mind that this guy talk about it for days.

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