Monday, March 28, 2011

3 Lies that Harm Relations

3 Lies that Harm Relations
Lying for the good can bring positive benefits, particularly to maintain the relationship. But if you always want a healthy relationship, never lied about the following three things.

Sexual Activity
The first rule if you want to stay healthy partner relationship is to never lie about sexual activity with. You do not pretend satisfy if in reality the sex is messy. Attitudes of pretense in sexual activity would not be good for marriage. Tell the truth to your partner if sexual activity is not fun or satisfying. This statement may be hurting the feelings of a husband or partner, and harass his ego. But the truth is better expressed to find a way out.

Pretend to Like the Gift
The attitude of pretending like clothing or kitchen equipment which is bought by the partner did not need to be maintained. Say slowly your opinion about things that you did not like. If you do not like the goods say it clearly, or say that the goods is not suitable for you. That way, you do not hoard goods that you do not like just because you pretending to enjoy it.

Partner Activity and his Hobby
Honesty is absolutely present in the relationship. But that does not mean you always be confrontational when expressed your dislike about his activity. If you do not like fishing activity that your partner do every week, you do not have to say hate fishing. But do not also tell them that you really liked the activities. Look for the preferred activities to enjoy the weekend together. Immediately end the attitude of pretending to like the partner activities.

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