Sunday, March 27, 2011

7 Types of Men Should Abandon

Generally women crave a life companion who can he rely on in every situation, who understands him, who can be invited to exchange ideas, loving, loyal, listens, and there are still many requirements that desired by the women. When he realized that the criteria for the perfect man was not there, while he longed for a man on the side, as a result, there is a man who was no problem. Be careful, you'll regret it. Here are the criteria for the man who should be avoided:

1. That hurt you and never really apologized

Just because he never said he wanted to marry you and longing to have children with you, it does not mean he feels guilty for the mistakes he's ever done in the past to you. Whether it's lying to you, whether it's cheating on you, whether it's hitting you. Whatever the actual error could no longer be tolerated, but he never really apologized to you, then you ought to review that relationship. All people must have made a mistake, no human is perfect, right? However, it would be more comfortable if in pairs, the two sides can be introspective and not selfish to want to apologize to his partner. Holding grudges in life with a partner would not be painful and dredge the comfort you and he have?

2. Affair

Some say, once had an affair, he will cheat again. Indeed, something like this is not always true. For example, when he was cheating on you (maybe many times), but for the sake of the children, you maintain the marriage, while her feelings ketidakpercaryaan you still there, hm, what you feel comfortable undergoing such a marriage?

3. People who always wanted to take precedence

The largest part (and perhaps most difficult) of a relationship and marriage is the willingness to put himself in second place and put the interests of the him. However, men who feel their interests should always come first every time, every time, every opportunity without even thinking about your interests, it should be ruled out. A husband-wife relationship it consists of two parties, could not have it you hold that to be his babysitter?

4. Fraudster snapper class

Currently, very widespread fraud going on everywhere. Not to mention the types of white collar criminals that already exists everywhere. Remember ex-lover Anne Hathaway who turned out to fraudsters? Well, if you see or hear the signs that the he is the type of fraud, you should think again your relationship. He could try to convince you that he will never deceive you, however, think how your life was-wasnya haunted by the fear of getting caught and the he was threatened with jail due to his deceit?

5. Workaholic weight

Men are ambitious and dedicated to his work is very admirable. But to work every day, sometimes even time for you just tucked in at lunch only, well, busy as well, huh? Perhaps this was understandable in the early period he founded his own company, because the only way to get ahead. But, if he loves the job and more friends than with you, it looks like he will be more loyal to their work rather than to you. Not bad, right, has the status of your partner that a person but he was never there to be with you?

6. Super Slacker

You may be yearning to be a career woman and have a husband who take care of the house. However, this will need a collective agreement. Of course one day be embarrassed when you've just come home from a tiring day, but you find a husband to laze at home, and let the house in a state of disarray, smell, and irregular.

7. Unreliable

You never know what will happen in the future. You can just imagine everything will go smoothly and safely. Because it is the words of the covenant of marriage that you will keep the him in earnest in all circumstances, whether happy or sad, healthy and sick, and others. However, if the period of courtship, when there are problems between you, or there are problems with family or others, then all of a sudden, he's gone, can not be asked for help, or even become vulnerable, well, busy as well. What if you are in a precarious situation and needs help, then all of a sudden he could not help?

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