Monday, March 28, 2011

6 Things Destroyer Romanticism

6 Things Destroyer Romanticism
Maintain relationships remain full and flowery romance is not easy. There are many factors that can ruin the love story that started full of flowers. Know factors, avoid, and try to keep your relationship full of love. Here are the things that can turn romantic moment into stale:

1. Dependence on cyberspace
It's now the digital era. Everything can be searched out through the virtual world. However, that does not mean you or him must continue to be connected with the virtual world. How can you call a relationship if one of them only exist in physical form and sit side by side, but his mind was not there? When you and him are together (when you rarely meet), try to be there. Save old cell phones, laptops, video games, or your iPad. Talk directly. Enjoy all the forms that you can receive from this interaction. Whether touching hands, looked at his smile, gently stroking his fingers in your hair, whatever it is, enjoy and give your full attention to him (including listening and does not evaporate as he spoke).

2. Lazy freshen
Yes, some men say they are only interested in a naturally beautiful woman, without much makeup, and so forth. But in reality, too natural (with excess natural oils on the face, sweat sticking, natural body odor), can be unpleasant to look (or smell) as well. Make sure you tidy and is in the best condition would be too flattering to him that you took the time to appear beautiful, tidy, and clean upin front of him.

3. "The Ex"
That the title "former" was clearly not a pleasant thing to discuss. For some who have a particular trauma, telling and bring up the memory it's not pleasant. For those who listen, though curiously, it still would give them an impression. Although you did vilify former boyfriend and flattering your current boyfriend, it still was not a wise thing. Make the past as a lesson. Just said the lessons you take from it and do not tilt the details.

4. Money
Talking about money when you on a date, it was clear the romantic killer. Imagine, the he said, "I hope you liked dinner here. The price of our food is half my salary, babe!" Or, "I wanted to buy you a dozen roses, but I can only buy this one." Isn’t it seems so calculated, huh? Talking about financial problems before it went to the wedding is important, but not when you're trying to build a romantic atmosphere.

5. Sidetracked
When you were in a romantic moment, try to remain in the region. Do not let the other things that are not important passes. Leave it alone if the couple at the next table was fighting or there is artist eat at the same restaurant. When you and him are building a romantic moment, just go ahead, unless there are extraordinary events that harm, such as earthquakes.

6. Joking who humble yourselves
Indeed, humility was not kidding with the taboo. Sometimes we also need to poke fun at yourself for making liquid atmosphere. But when the romantic atmosphere, avoid joking about embarrassing things about yourself. In his mind could arise that are less good things about you. Sometime later, he could ilfeel.

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