Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to Distinguish Needs and Desire

When unable to distinguish between needs and desires, you often trapped in a variety of financial problems. Your achieve to get financial freedom become further away, when you are not able to withstand the temptation in spending money.
To be free from financial temptation, the first step you should do is to understand the needs and desires. Next, perform the following four ways to avoid the temptations that could damage the financial arrangements:

1. Do not get stuck with a brand

In terms of dress, when you include impulsive shopper or pursuer brand, start changing shopping habits. Start a new habit that could save financially by thinking that the brand is not everything. Begin to think, that you are not what you wear, but rather how you to wear it.

2. Reduce hangout

Reduce time hangout in daily activities like eating or drinking at restaurants or cafes. Not only during the weekends, but also during lunch hour at the office. If you bringing lunch to work can save on your expenses, why not?

3. Reduce go to the mall

Reduce visits to places that lure you to spend impulsively. Malls, stores, or electronic center, could lure you to shop without a plan. If you want to restructure the financial conditions, arrange the needs and desires, avoid shopping center like this, or at least reduce its frequency.

4. Create a schedule of routine activities

Schedule regular activities not only help you get the job done on time and target. You also can control what is needed each day with the help of a daily routine. Included to control spending every day is more referring to the need, not desire.

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