Sunday, March 27, 2011

4 Ways thaw numb relations

When a period of courtship or honeymoon, a couple was always feel fun. However, when the relationship has lasted for long time, especially with the presence of children, a few couples feel the relationship become stiffen or even tense. If the sign is already being felt, it's time to make changes. You and your partner need to seek re-intimacy and pleasure in living relationships.
Four ways are:

1. Throw humor

Laughter is the most potent drug to liquefy the stiff atmosphere. Laughter also makes your body more relaxed. When stress and fatigue hit, expense or funny behavior could ease the tension. You and your partner need to learn to be more humorous figure to get a pleasant atmosphere full of laughter like this. The atmosphere full of laughter could be created even if you or your spouse are not typical humorous. For example, by watching a comedy movie or a game that could provoke laughter. Perform any activity that could provoke laughter with a partner, then you will get a much more mild and pleasant.

2. Try to relax

Try not to respond to a variety of things seriously. You and your partner are quite tired of working all day at the office and do various tasks at home, so try to relax. When you and your partner are committed to be more relaxed response to a variety of things, the atmosphere would feel more comfortable. This positive atmosphere will affect the quality of the relationship. You or your partner do not have to emotions, prepared if the plan is already fall apart for various reasons. For example, you have to make reservation for dinner at a restaurant, but restaurants forget to record your reservation. Try not to seriously respond to these circumstances. Just relax, and enjoy a change of plans that had to be done.

3. Doing something new

Do a new activity with your partner. If you and your partner like cooking, try cooking classes that do both. If you like sports, choose yoga for couples, for example. Do also new activities, together with a partner. Or go to a place you've never visited on weekends. The atmosphere will be different and this new activity will refresh your relationship and your partner.

4. Changing routines

Requirements to create a pleasant atmosphere for the relationship, the couples are willing to make changes. Trying something new to change the routines are just a few examples. Strive to create spontaneous activity with a partner. Do not merely glued to the regular schedule every day that makes you and your partner become robots. Do spontaneous activity that violates the rules of your routine. If you can not spontaneously every day, then do it spontaneous with your partner once a week. Type is up to you, provided is the main qualifies and do a fun spontaneous activity. Afterwards, you and your partner re-energized as never bored with the same activity every day.

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