Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It is Important But Often Forgotten

warm hug every day can help  strengthen the couple
It is a happy feeling when someone appreciates us sincerely. Not only in the form of praise for success, but for everyday things, the appreciation given by someone will genuinely us very happy, especially if it is given by the people we love and respect, such as parents, family, friends, boss, also a lover. Not just make us happy, this one was also could to strengthen a relationship. Because basically, we need to be heard, noticed, and appreciated.

In a long term relationship, there are many roles that will need to be done by each party, including the tasks in it, whether trivial or important. For example, in everyday activities, such as who is in charge of cleaning the house, who would cook, who holds responsibility for finance, and so forth. When running it, would be more fun if there is a notice and appreciate what we have done, although it is already part of the task.

Start the habit of appreciating the couple for things he did. Do it with sincerity and see the growth of mutual affection was more closely and grow. Confused how to begin, the following tips you can do:

1. See and watch what your partner to do around the house

2. Tell him that you appreciate the things he did.
For example, "Thank you, dear, because you never forget watching and making sure we have adequate savings."

3. Tell me why you appreciate what he did.
For example, "I'm glad you want to cook at home, because I feel less creative to cook delicious food."

4. Thank you because he is always willing to do the job.
"Thank you, you are willing to clean up the water tank. That is not easy."

5. Do not expect said thank you back from him.
It would be better for the relationship when appreciations is sincere and specific. When your partner feels pressured to say something back to you, they will be difficult to absorb your appreciation. Let them enjoy your appreciation of it. You will receive the appreciation it later.

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