Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pros and cons of being an employee of a perfectionist.

Employees who have high ambitions to succeed in career will certainly can do all it,One of them tried to do all the job as perfectly as possible, make him a perfectionist.Being a perfectionist may be good for jobs, but this trait also has a negative side. What are the pros and cons?


Bosses will be able to depend entirely to you important tasks and precarious job now, and your work was satisfactory and did not much need to be corrected. An employee who is a perfectionist would be viewed as employees who can be relied upon by superiors, colleagues, clients, and people who worked with him. Consistent performance and good work can be a source of satisfaction and pride for ambitious employees.


When limits are set so high, sometimes difficult to always achieve the same performance continuously. Being a perfectionist makes you reach peak performance, and always pursue the high point. In the beginning, the bosses and co-workers will feel your work is admirable, after repeatedly equate high performance, the higher the standard expected of you.

So, what should be a perfectionist?

"Stop thinking that you must achieve a perfect score A when a B good enough. The work is not the school, and the values ​​or numbers that are no longer important. If you have to put off the work you know just because it has not ready or you feel you can not do a perfect job, force yourself to start working. Doing a job that is not perfect 100 percent better than not acting at all.

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