Sunday, March 27, 2011

How to Overcome Heart Breaking Men

man can cry when you're heartbroken
Never know how the older brother or male friend when he was a broken heart?  When broken heart, they feel the pain same with us. Only, they tried to cover it up by doing various activities. From shut himself in the room (while you sleep, crying, sleep more, cry again) to travel out of town or abroad.

Men in fact also needs emotional support, but they are reluctant to do so. They're not used to express feelings, and they did not like when discovered having broken heart. They just avoid the conversation about what went wrong or who is right. Unlike us who actually want to discuss it constantly.
This is ten average activity that is selected by men, because every person must have an unique personality and has different ways to cope with heartache. The point is to take his mind off from the painful memories.

1. Get together with friends. 

You know, like you too, man trying to forget the problem with hanging out with people who will not discuss the matter drop out again. This moment is not to vent about problems they breakup, or the pain left by a lover, but to divert his mind only.

2. Drinking alcohol. 

Many people who suffer a broken heart, fled to the alcohol. For most men, beyond their need to reduce the pain, alcohol also like natural "dope". With the influence of alcohol, they become able to open himself, and express his feelings. Let others know their feelings will not be done when his mind is clear.

3.  Start looking for a new lover. 

One way to soon forget the former is associated with a new woman. They start flirting again, took the road, or just chatting casually to erase the memory of the former.

4.  Party hard. 

It is also a common way to overcome a broken heart. The loud music and crowded club atmosphere can make energy that make a man so numb. Not all men escaped with party, but if they choose this way, they do not want half-hearted. Who knows where they also met new acquaintances.

5.  Work harder.

Most men over 30 years trying to cope with a breakup by working harder. The work becomes a way to distance themselves from painful memories. That's why a lot of creative art is often produced when the artist was a broken heart.

6.  Eat. 

Well, this is dangerous. Pamper yourself with junk food is fun, but its effects later in life can be prolonged. Eating becomes a way of men to quell resentment or sadness over her. Eating also be activities to help themselves remain "busy", as well as stop the bad thoughts that are not inexhaustible.

7. Watch TV. 

They tried to clear the mind by watching events on TV. Usually a watch is a show that could not be witnessed by a lover, such as football matches, boxing, or silly films with female characters dressed in sexy.

8. Exercise. 

Arguably, this is one of the best ways to forget the heartache. Men often play basketball, gym, or other sports games, to regurgitate the mounting resentment. Obtained pain when hard training is used to replace an annoying memory.

9. Traveling. 

This is the real meaning of escape. Some men choose to leave and pack the goods to adventure alone. Whether it's the destination that far or near, that this activity must be done to help fill the mind with pleasant things. Meet new people will be a bonus.

10.  Browsing the Internet. 

Wandering around in cyberspace is also a great way to divert the mind. When alone, he could satisfy himself to play online games, chat, read news-reading fun, or looking for objects that are needed for his hobby. Sure, watching a porn movie need not be discussed again.

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