Tuesday, March 29, 2011

8 Ways Men Forget Ex-Lover

8 Ways Men Forget Ex-Lover
You thought only women who have difficulty forgetting former lover? Men are also difficult. But they have tips and tricks to deal with it. Here are 8 ways men forget an ex-lover

1. Do not call again
After reaching the end of the relationship, you and he should stop contact with each other. Do not try to look for when things are difficult or need a friend. Do not send email, do not also take measures to make the feel desirable again. He will find you if he really needs you. If you've been trying to get it back and he did not respond your efforts to get back to you, it is a clear sign: You have to keep moving forward.

2. Release of feeling
A release of feeling does not mean anything bad. A releaser that can be good for yourself is by writing what you feel, your negative thoughts, and feelings of sadness that you feel down on paper. Then, after all set out, burn the paper. Do not send the paper to him, because you'll only be sorry. He probably will show it to a new lover or close friend, and they can just laugh at your letter.

3. Avoid his friends and his hangout
Do not approach his territory. You will not be accepted with his friend. Look for a new hangout for the next few months, and if necessary, find new friends. If any of your friends who still call the former, if necessary, avoid them as well for a while. After some time, your heart began to calm down, then re-live your life like before, and this means is meet with old friends.

4. Discard all the things that remind you of him
No need to burn all things associated with him, but the things that would remind him, like photos, gifts, clothes, letters, and emails associated with it should be kept away, at least clean of your visibility. In essence, get rid of everything that reminds you of him as soon as possible

5. Do not ask your goods back
If the goods are not very expensive, very valuable, such as diamond rings or goods like that, you should not have asked him to return. Old DVD, your clothes, whatever it is, let alone. If the goods were not worth the pain that you experience when you saw it, leave it alone. Do not exchange your dignity with such goods.

6. Hanging with your friends
Since you are dating with him, most likely you so rarely hang out with your buddies, right? Well, it is time to have fun with your friends.

7. Exercising freedom

While still with him, there could be many rules that need to be undertaken. Standards that must be mutually agreed, or may be unilateral and you have to obey. Now, when your own, you have a lot of things and times that you can use for yourself. Want to travel to places that he did not like but you like? You want to go spa? Sure you can. Sleep until noon on weekends? You can do it too. Hm, better yet if you use weekend activities that you normally do for increase self-confidence, such as kick boxing or pilates practice. Until the moment you meet him again, you already have a beautiful body and make him sorry. Plus, exercise can release the anger and release stress.

8. Remember the bad things
If you feel sad and old memories were coming, switch to the bad things, like the times when you fight. Remember how annoying him, makes you have to wait for hours  t the bus stop roadside or when he refused to budge when choosing a dating site, and others.

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