Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Still Single? Enjoy it!

Got a couple is really nice. Having a husband and children more enjoyable. However, being single? Super fun!  Do not believe? Try to see 10 reasons why single women could be happier. So, do not be afraid of being single if you have not found Mr. Right.

1. Multiple sexual partners

Why not? There will be no banning, really. You have the right to choose more appropriate partner if your current partner does not have a match with your vision and mission. You will even have richer experience and feel challenged to find a better man than ever before.

2. Can do many things

Want hangout after work, go to a concert while do crazy things, roads trip out of town at any time, or tempt a man across the table? No one will protest to you. You can spend any time with no one objected or prohibit. One more thing, you do not need to ask permission!

3. Pleasant experience

It is fun has a relationship with someone. Isn’t not love that makes us keep the spirit through the day? However, when you're single and find someone who has potential, you will feel the sensation of feeling flowery, flattering, and enjoy the extra attention from your admirers. It's not going you feel when he had become your partner.

4. Selfish? Forgiven
Already have a spouse or family? Throw away the desire to be selfish. But for you who are single, your selfishness will be forgiven. Because you do not have a responsibility to shop every month, child care, cooking, or taking care of husband. Instead, you can wake up during the current holiday or pamper yourself to a salon every weekend. Time, money, and me time, completely yours.

Just look around you. Friends your age seem to lose freedom. When you are invited to join with other friends to travel to Bali during the long weekend, they certainly have a million reasons to reject.

5. Curiosity

As a partner, your life so a lack of challenge. Every morning you will be picked by the couple to go to the office. In the afternoon you are called to ask for your circumstances. Now, when you are single, your life become more dynamic. Whether you have an appointment this evening, dinner with the handsome you know when training or next week you are scheduled to replace regional colleague to meetings abroad.

6. Choosing Mr Perfect
Indeed, no one is perfect. But, at least there is Mr. Perfect who will accompany you for next month. Even if not for one month, for a single day is also enough, and most importantly, you have a chance to know him more deeply. Also, do not feel guilty when flirting!

7. More rapid career
Most single women have a career that quickly uphill. Because, they will not think twice to come home faster and slower. Another example, you'll have plenty of time to spend together with your boss or build a network via the dinner party. Automated assessment and your performance will be considered good. In the end, increase your salaries!

8. Perform better

It's the biggest mistake women. Once you have a spouse, usually the appearance is no longer a priority. You tend not to desire to take care of yourself to the salon or keep in shape by exercising. However, when being single, you want to always look good and look perfect. You also still confident when close to your target.

9. Meet potential man
when you’re invited to a wedding, it’s opportunity to find a mate. Dress your best ladies, who knows there is Mr. Right for you there!

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