Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alone Does Not Means Lonely

Do not have a partner? No need to bother. Living the single life has a lot of advantages, which may not enter your mind.

Free meet friends
If many from your friends who complain because rarely met since you have a boyfriend, I think there is something wrong with your relationship and him. People, especially friends, is the closest person who at any time to help. If you do not have a boyfriend, alias single, you are free to meet with friends near you.

Easy to establish new relationships
Many single people who feel sad and desperate, not to get a pair today. Ladies, so single people does not mean you are alone or lonely. You have plenty of time to meet new people and create friendships with anyone without envy anyone.

Become healthier

If you have a partner like to stay up, at least you should accompany him that way, at least take the call as late as anything. It will not happen if you are single, you can sleep early. Impact, you are more healthy.

Away from the hurt
How many men can be faithful? Hmm, like finding a needle in a haystack. That risk should you bear if you have a partner. Conversely, when you are single, the toughest battle we face is loneliness, and can be overcome if you have many friends.

It is cheap to be singles
No need to spend up for two people if you go anywhere. Indeed, when dating, there are couples who pay for food. But, how much, anyway? Sometimes, you have to pay yourself too. So single, less expensive, because you have to pay for one person only.

Plenty of time for family
Usually if you have a spouse, most of your time spent with him. Families often used as the umpteenth sequence. Well, if you are single, you have plenty of time for the family.

Freely create your own plans
A friend got a scholarship to go abroad. However, since getting married, an opinion he should listen to her future husband in connection with the plan. Unfortunately, her future husband did not want to be left after getting married. So she confuse, choose to study or comply with a request her future husband. If you become single, you are free to plan and realize your dreams.

Go out with anyone
With a single status, you can go out with anyone. Want to watch with the A, dinner with the B, a walk along the C, nothing forbids. While, of course, if you still intend to partner, free to choose which one fits so your companion.

Focus on career

Willing to work weekends or overtime, or assigned to anywhere, in order to enhance a career, you do not need to ask permission, except to the parents. Without a partner, you can decide for themselves how best to pursue a career.

Free to do fun and hobby
Imagine if your hobbies traveling, while your partner does not like. Or your hobby shopping, while he likes to save money. Many women who like to hang out, while her partner liked sitting at home. If you are single, you are free to do your hobby.

Free dress your style
Many couples like to arrange, even arranged your appearance. You're not being yourself. But, when you are single, free to wear whatever you like. Originally confident, no one dared to criticize or try to change you.

No one to report
How many times do you have to call him to tell where are you, what are you doing, and what would you do? That the consequences of a person's spouse. But, if you are single, you are free to do what you like. All you need to do is be responsible to yourself.

So, do not assume that single life is miserable.

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