Saturday, May 28, 2011

Falling in Love to Husband, is it Possible???

There is a fundamental difference between falling in love and loving someone. Falling in love is only momentary. That's when we pounded the phone waiting for someone, waiting for his presence, makes us so reluctant to forget to eat or sleep because they do not want to lose time with him. This is the initial feeling that we experience on a person. While love is a further step, after we really know him, and receive all the benefits and drawbacks.

It is experienced if our fellow-fell in love with her husband, very likely to occur. Many of us who originally married without feelings of love towards our husband. We married because we felt he was a good man, have the same vision about the future, and have the properties or characters that can equip ourselves. Although we never fall in love with him. We do not feel the thrill of waiting for his presence.

We just love him, because it has to accompany our daily lives.

But after marriage, and the longer you know him, the more you can see the other sides of him. The husband was someone who always wants to please you. When you get up early on a Sunday, he smiled at you and ask what you want for breakfast. He would not mind canceling appointments to hangout with his friends, because you're needed. He always praised and spend your dishes, even though you know your cooking is not as good as his mother made. He always appreciate all your hard work arranging the house, though it sometimes does not fit his taste. He also always said that you're still sexy, even if you complain you are no longer as tight butt before giving birth your baby.

Because of that attitudes, slowly began to grow deeper feelings toward husband. When he was asleep beside you, you realize how loved you are not changed after all these years. When he was lying sick in the hospital, you realize that you are not ready if you have to go through life alone without her presence. Without your awareness, you often miss him when he was on duty outside the city. You feel the thrill when they want to give him a surprise on his birthday.

That's when you're falling in love with your husband. You feel something you do not experience when still a girlfriend. Be happy if you experience this. Feelings of love that grows slowly like this will get stronger, different if you fall in love with the spouse before marriage. When the feeling of pounding it began to fade with age of your marriage, your relationship and your husband started dry, flat, not exciting anymore. Even worse when you finally see the original traits showed no first.

If you also want to feel in love with your husband, there are some things you need to do. You are not going to see results overnight, as this requires your willingness:
1. Get to know him further.
Notice the little things he does, the words he was saying, or what makes him like now. Ask your in-laws tell how your husband as a child. By exploring the other side of him, you will find more good qualities that were previously not you realize.

2. Write down his good sides, and see how it affects your relationship.
He is someone who always give in, and when finally he got angry because of something you did, you realize that you've been to her being selfish. This will foster a sense of gratitude that he was able to make you better.

3. Open up your self.
If he wants to take you to some place even you can go alone, accept his offer. You may not realize that this will make it quiet, because his wife had arrived at their destination safely. As a reward behind it, offer what you can do for him. You will be aware, very fun to make himself happy.

4. Accept what his weaknesses.
When you know what the cause of deficiency itself, you no longer try to attack him, but rather wanted to help him. For example, he is an unbeliever himself because his parents never praise their actions, or the results of his work as a child. Praise him, as she praised you.

Well, if you do not feel the love that thrilling as experienced friends when in college, you may simply not get through it. Someday you will realize that your husband is so lovable. How he was so easy to love and be loved. You just need to see another side of himself more closely

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