Friday, June 3, 2011

8 Ways to Love Yourself

Body that you have is only 1. No other people who have it, can not be exchanged also added such as clothing. Rather than comparing yourself with others or thinking about the worst parts you want to change, try to love and appreciate them. Here's how to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Love the Skin Your Own
When was the last time you felt sexy in your own skin? Do not remember? No problem, you do not own. "When women spend their time by working hard, they are often less noticed in her sensual side,"said Lisa Schrader, author of the Kama Sutra 52. Try doing the following tips and tricks to "open up" sensual side buried deep within you.

Red  Colour
Knowingly or not, the red color is tempting. Wear something red in your daily life. Whether it's red dress or red lipstick is bright enough but not tacky. "The color red stimulates a person's sexual appetite,"said Elizabeth Harper, author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart's Desires.

Without Underwear

"If you dare, try to go out with your husband without wearing underwear," suggested Ramani Durvasula, PhD, professor of psychology at California State University, Los Angeles. "You will feel a bit naughty and very sexy," he explained. But for this one, you really have to make sure that your condition is safe if you are not wear it. Do not have gait or sitting careless or skirts that are too short.

Women who sweating due to exercise regularly will feel more desirable, so the explanation of a study at the University of Arkansas reported.

Wearing sag jewelry
Having a certain body part that you value very sexy? If so, focus your jewelry in that section. Such as, you feel part of your chest have more appeal. Wear the necklace that hung down to that section. Your movements all day as if gently stroked the area. Advice from a psychologist and sex therapist Stephanie Buehler suggests that these steps will help you feel more sexy through the day.

Want to feel more sexy? Leave aside for a moment you loose clothing, and wear clothes that show your curves. No matter you are just sitting at home, but wear clothes that hug your curves will make you feel more sensual.

Without impersonation

Getting rid of hair, unwanted hair on certain body parts will help you feel more comfortable. For example, do bikini wax will make you feel more comfortable at the bottom there. Section will feel softer. Gentle friction there will make you feel more sensual and aware of yourself.

Save flat shoes for a moment
Wearing high heels will strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which has the potential to enhance sexual pleasure, so the report from Italian researchers. In addition, the current use of high-heeled shoes with a high street style will make you feel and look sexy.

Open your dress as if someone seen
Rather than opening the clothing like in a hurry when it comes to shower in the bathroom, trying to do with sexy style. Slowly and sensuously, take your clothes one by one as if there is someone you wants teased. Before bed, wear a sexy camisole or without a piece of cloth .... all (make sure the coast is clear, and locked the door.) You will feel more sexy.

Bathing with scented soap
The smell can help a person feel more sexy.. Choose a gentle soap and foaming moist to accompany you cleanse the body. The body is clean and moist will also help you feel more comfortable in your own body.

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